Acer Decides to Make a New Blackberry..I MEAN Android Device

Our friends at Androinica are reporting that Acer has announced two new Android handsets in a line dubbed beTouch, the first of which is pictured to the left.  As you can see, Acer has decided to try to woo those people who are so used to crackberries that when they see the familiar portrait keyboard their thumbs start twitching to type out some emails or text messages.

Acer is also releasing a second beTouched handset, this one with a more traditional Android look with a full faced touchscreen and no hard keyboard.

The specs on the units are pretty disappointing, they both are running Android 1.6, have 416 MHz processors and 512mb ROM.  The usual suspects of WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth are there as well.  SD card slots allow an upgrade to 32GB of storage to the units.

I can certainly see these phones being entry level units for those peopel switching from Blackberries and feature phones to a full smartphone experience.  But for hardcore Android fans, this is going to be a pass.  I am still dumbfounded by the fact that handset makers are still releasing new handsets with Android 1.6.  It is beyond my comprehension.

No word on what carriers will have the phones, but they are set to launch in July and August.

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