Beta Test This! Device Tune-up (T-Mobile Only)

T-Mobile is currently looking for beta testers for their new task killer, Device Tune-up .  As T-Mobile puts it, this is not your ordinary app killer.  It’s designed to run in the background and handle all the busy work for you.  It’s expected that you won’t know it’s even there or turned on.  Your phone will just run better.As a note, T-Mobile points out that “Most pre-loaded applications will not be affected by Device Tune-up.”

If you want to participate in the beta, you’ll need to have two things, the latest version (3.3) of MyAccount and a microSD card.  Beware, the app has not been tested against custom ROMS or Android 2.2 Froyo.  You can read more about the new application on T-Mobile’s message board. Once you install it, you will want to let T-Mobile know how things are working out.  Head to the Device Tune-up Beta board.

  • Ben

    Great. One more piece of carrier specific software to use as an excuse for not promptly getting Android updates out to their customers.

    • theweakend

      agreed tmo you provide the service I'll do the rest thank

  • rev2redlineguy

    It doesn't work. I tried it and it used up my battery faster than with my task manager. It also made my phone lag like crazy going from app to homescreen. It says it's suppose to eliminate the apps that are running in the background but here's the crazy part….it won't let you unexclude any preinstalled apps you have on your phone so they are constantly running in the background. So what's the point of it? I uninstalled & put back my Advanced Task manager. Oh well, worth a try but not worth the effort on my phone to use.

    • MojoJOJO

      Thank you for posting your experience. I know now to avoid it. I had to uninstall the Tmo hotspot app yesterday because it was constantly running in the background even though I never used it or loaded it.

  • coollll.

  • i dont know why i just cant installed it in One..

  • eka

    thanks for sharing..