Brief, Blurry Video of Samsung Tablet

The Samsung tablet has found time to shoot a video, albeit a blurry cameo. Behold just under thirty seconds of the Tab acting like a phone. Yeah, a huge 7-inch phone. We know some are calling this thing the “Tape” but we’ll stick with “Tab” for now.

As a refresher, here’s where we are in terms of hardware for this gorgeous looking tablet: 7″ Super AMOLED display powered by a 1.2GHz A8 processor and 16GB internal storage. There’s also room for more memory by way of SD card reader. It’s said that the Tab is running Android 2.2 and will weigh just under a pound at 370 grams. Video after the break.


  • hmn… this sort of confirms my feat that a 7 inch tablet is just too small to justify getting if you already have a good Android phone.

  • mike

    not quite sure, but that screen looks like an LCD and not OLED, at least in last secconds of this video when viewing with angle, the bottom seems to be brighter that the top.

  • san

    Oow,,video has been removed by the user..

  • cool, nice post man 🙂

  • i cant watch the video.. to late i guess..

  • wow,, that looks nice..

  • eka

    it's cool..