HTC Desire Arrives Stateside on “Select Regional Operators” in August [UPDATE: Cellular South]

HTC took to twitter earlier today to let their followers know that the Desire handset would be coming to the United States.  Considered by many to be a “Nexus One with Sense UI” the Desire would make a welcome addition to any carrier’s lineup.  Sadly, neither AT&T nor T-Mobile will be first in line to pick this beauty up as it’s headed for “select regional operators” when it arrives.  At only six carriers the list of places to buy an HTC phone isn’t very long.  Only two of them, US Cellular and Cellular South, could be considered regional.  Assuming these don’t change, we’re looking at one of them, if not both.

Cellular South has issued a press release stating they will be getting the HTC Desire “soon”.  Although pricing has yet to be determined, they plan on offering the handset online and through retail stores.

We’re excited about adding the HTC Desire to our expanding line-up of Android-powered advanced touchscreen smartphones,” said Kevin Hankins, chief operating officer of Cellular South. “This device takes Android to a whole new level with HTC Sense and a platform that optimizes the rich media experience for news, the mobile web, music and video applications.”

  • By the time this comes out, we'll have better phones on the Major carriers anyways. And if I'm not mistaken you should be able to use it on Att's network with 3G if you want 🙂

    • Eduardo

      Cellular South uses CDMA

  • Rene

    I always figured the Desire was already in the States, but there branded as the HTC Droid Incredible…. But if that is not the case, then what are the differences, aside carrier branding, between the Incredible and the Desire?

    • The only difference that I can think of is that the Droid Incredible has 8GB onboard memory. Other than that, regardless of the little things, the Desire, Incredible, and Nexus One are practically the same.

  • Counsel

    Ah… They both state they are getting it, and htc isn't denying that more than one carrier is getting the desire…

  • nice post man 🙂

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  • eka

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