Sony Ericsson Tweaks Android 2.1 Timeline for Xperia X10 Handsets


It was reported last month that Sony Ericsson planned on rolling out Android 2.1 to their Xperia X10 series of phones in the fourth quarter.  Today sees the company updating the timeline as they bump it up ever so slightly. 

We are today happy to confirm that all of these phones will now get the update to Android 2.1 from the latter part of Q3 and onwards (timing will vary from market to market, some will be in Q4. We are of course very glad to offer this upgrade earlier than originally planned.

Good stuff!  But that’s not all.  As previously mentioned, the Xperia X10 will also see updates of its own which add HD video recording and wireless connection to television in addition to tweaks to their Timescape and Mediascape apps.


  1. Coool 🙂
    the x10 is starting to look like a phone worth having!
    only missing multi-touch! (makes a difference when browsing)

    I believe after updating to 2.1, then following up with 2.2, the x10 will be in the same category with the other superphones.