Uh-Oh, EVO Screen Problems

And the hits keep on hitting: another problem has cropped up with EVO units. Good and EVO (GREAT name btw) is reporting that many EVO units are suffering from improperly grounded touchscreens.  How do you check to see if your EVO handset is affected?  Put the unit down on a table or a flat surface that is not your lap, and try using the touchscreen with one hand.  If it’s unresponsive, then your handset is affected by the issue.

Many commenters on Good and EVO report having affected handsets, both ones bought from a store front and those pre-ordered from Sprint.

The bad news is that there is no official word on a fix yet.  There has been some talk that a sensor calibration can fix the unit, but that seems to be a hit or miss possibility.

I hope that you EVO owners get this resolved. There’s even speculation that HTC may have known about the problem when they shipped the unit.

  • Danw

    I can do everything with it sitting on a table except swipe down on the notification panel. To my knowledge, this is NOT affecting anything else. The device works fine. I can even swipe up and down, type emails (even using swype) without any issue. But the notification bar mostly only works when its grounded

  • No problem here. I can sit it on a table and use the notification panel without a problem 🙂

  • Chris

    No problems here.

  • Steve

    I do have some problems swiping (i.e. entering my unlock pattern) when the device is on a flat surface

  • nielc

    if you have this problem, and you probably do. you will not ice it mostly affects the upper part of the screen, test it with any doole type app where you can draw continuos lines and you will see straight away that when its flat on a desk or table its just unresposive.

  • Se7en2

    Noticed this issue a few days ago. Pinch-to-zoom is especially erratic. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but kind of annoying. Hopefully, there's an easy fix.

  • Danw

    my pinch to zoom is working perfectly…it seems to only be about the top 3/4" of the screen that is unresponsive when not grounded…the rest works perfectly. And it seems to still be responsive to touch, just not swiping. The only thing I ever swipe on using the top of the screen is the notification bar. I'm pretty sure nothing else would be affected. So if you plan on pillow swiping your notification bar while holding a beer in your other hand…your out of luck. For all the rest of you…enjoy one hell of a device

  • blckz28

    No problems here with my Evo. Screen still intact, battery lasts all day and no grounding issues.

  • My screen works perfectly fine. All parts of the screen are equally responsive. I feel bad for anyone who might have that problem, then again, who uses the phone horizontally on a flat surface? Kick you kickstand into action = Problem solved.

  • pjv

    I don't have this problem. I think you have to charge the device with grounded electricity before you disconnect it and pput it on the table. Ya know, like use a plug with 3 pins, like we all do in Europe!

  • Vick

    Works perfect for me..

  • I have this problem with my HTC Magic actually. I just make it a point to either pick up the device (seriously not very difficult) or touch the side/back with my little finger while I interact with the screen.

  • steven

    No problem here either

  • John

    I have problems with the notification bar when it is laying flat and when it is on the kickstand. I am also having a lot of problems with the browser while it is on the kickstand. I was trying to read an article and scroll with one finger and it kept zooming in and out and scrolling all the way back to the top. A little annoying and I would change phones if I could, but since they are all sold out, I guess I can live with it.

  • no problem here either,, 🙂

    • meagle

      I have the issue real bad sprint sending me a new phone

  • eka

    that is awesome!

  • hihatt

    Screen very finicky. Can’t swipe down to unlock 50% of the time. Cannot dial the 7, 8, or 9 in phone mode. ‘Dead’ spots on the screen seem to move around in horizontal, veritical, and grounded mode.

    Getting frustrated with this EVO, has been perfect so far.

  • marcus

    My EVO screen is possessed. The issue is intermittent, so I made I video for proof


  • Yeagocrazygirl

    Ahh, poorly made phones. No quality control.

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