Adobe Flash 10.1 Ported to HTC EVO 4G


The boys over at XDA-Developers have done it again! Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android has been ported to the HTC EVO 4G!  The best thing about this mod is that it will allow Flash to run on Android 2.1 with no root access required!  We should mention that it is not nearly as fluid as Flash on Android 2.2

Something else to mention is that this mod is even working on the Sprint HTC Hero and maybe even other/all 2.1 Sense handsets.  If I had a Droid Incredible, I would certainly be trying this one out.

Check it out here! Good luck and let us know how it works. Also, let us know if it doesn’t work.

Source: XDA


  1. Just loaded on my Incredible. It is working but a little slow (dragging flash across the screen on Yahoo home page)

  2. If she sleeps (not sure), then it would probably be best to uninstall, then it is probably a slowdown in our browsers, does anyone have the flash sites or sites of heavy Flash ads, I can try for you? Flash adds up works well on Gizmodo. Update its doing something now that I am on a video, but he will hang up refresh rate, pine Boondocks streaming where you do it from.

  3. HTC Sense comes pre-loaded with Flash Lite, and this doesn't add any functionality that the phones (Hero included) doesn't already have. It's more a placebo than anything.

  4. I would like to add that it does not work with the HTC EVO. Tested twice and no luck.
    I went to as per atrac and it does not work.

    P.S I am running the latest HD Dolphin Browser.


  5. Still being told, “This type of Flass not supported.”

    For the recorded, trying to display a “Jib-Jab” clip.
    Any thoughts?

    I have the Eris 2.1

    Thank you.