In an Era of Human Error, Droid Does Oopsies

Verizon leaped into action today, adjusting the specs for the Droid X handset on their coming soon page.  No longer listed as “720p screen”, the phone now “captures 720p”.  It’s nice to see the human touch here as people at Verizon are obviously paying attention to what the blogs and tech sites are saying.

  • Dara Parsavand

    Bummer. I figured it was a mistake, but I was still hoping. Oh well, I stand by my claim that 1280×720 displays are useful at this size (if expanded a bit to 4.5", they are exactly the same DPI (326) as the new iPhone), but perhaps the power consumption numbers aren't quite there yet. But really, it shouldn't be that much harder than what Apple has achieved. Hopefully someone will offer one soon.

  • yup there will always human errors..

  • eka

    nice info..