Rumor: Samsung’s YP-MB2 to be Called Galaxy Touch

    Earlier this month we reported that Samsung appeared to be working on a portable media player running Android.  Assumed to be part of their Yepp brand of players, the device features a 4-inch AMOLED screen and the  TouchWiz 3.0 user interface.  Today we’re hearing that the media player will actually bear the moniker of Galaxy Touch when it arrives.  It’s being reported (translated) that this guy will be everything the Galaxy S is except for that whole making calls part.  Rumors have this landing in August with a price tag of around 400,000 won ($330 US).

    • Way too high of a price point. Make it $199 and maybe it'll sell. It needs to have more features and a lower price than an iPod or people will just go buy one of those.

      • Rich

        The price tag is actually not high at all without a contract.

        • Toro

          It's not a phone, this price IS high.

          • Rich

            Really high?

            WVGA SuperAMOLED screen
            1GHz Samsung Coretex-A8
            5mp megapixel camera capable 720p

            This is gonna be a bargain for me.

            • Again, it's not a phone. It's a media player. People buy phones because of those specs you're listing, not media players.

            • Rich

              I can see tons of people buying this if they put a 3g radio in it along with a specialized web plan by carriers.

              As your article describes the device to be a high end android experience. Now, this would be a great market for people interested in an high-end mobile android platform who are not interested in making calls/texts or long-term contract commitment and just want the android experience. However, it could easily become capable of making calls/texts with a few applications and internet. I just hope they do not kill the capabilities of what Android does and allows.

            • Toro

              Waste of money, Rich. Sorry.

            • The iTouch is 449,000 won in South Korea (32 GB).. companies tend to prcies stuff more expensive there.

            • ah man the price just to high for its quality..

    • cool man

    • cool man. 🙂

    • eka

      that is awesome!

    • Philip

      In Korea, that model will be released to the Market late July or early August.