March 29, 2015

WunderRadio Released for Android Handsets

The popular iPhone application WunderRadio has now been released by Weather Underground for Android handsets! Having had a chance to preview this app, I can tell you that it is very very good.  You’ll get access to over 50,000 radio stations and shows.  It is a damn powerful radio app.

With your purchase, you get access to stations like AOL Radio, Bloomberg, Sirius and BBC.  You can even search for particular programs or hosts. The only issue is that the app is a pricey $6.99.  However, if you take public transportation or listen to music alot on the go it is certainly a must have and definitely worth the price!

Check it out in the Android Market!

Source: IntoMobile


    • James

      It's not on my Nexus/Froyo either, guess this is what I get for being inpatient and downloading it early :(

  1. AdamZ

    Yeah… sounds great… right.

    Let's all go purchase this app and support a self proclaimed Communist movement. Maybe we can call up Bill Ayers and Ms. Dorn (the founders) as well and commit horrible acts of violence and terrorism… oh wait – they already did.

    No thanks. Personally, I support and love this country – The United States of America.

  2. This Is My Name

    I think I'll stick with Pandora,, StreamFurious and all those other free ones rather than pay $6 for another stream aggregator. Good to have options though.


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