New Android Fragmentation/Legacy Chart Shows 50% Running 2.1

Our favorite pie chart has made another appearance over at Google’s Android Developer site. As you can see, 50% of Android devices are now running 2.1, up from the last projection of about 45%.  This is most likely reflected by all the handsets we have seen get an update, and perhaps the fact that rooted G1’s have gotten the 2.1 update thanks to Cyanogen and his magic.

It will be interesting to see what the numbers do in the coming summer months as we are going to see more handsets (Cliq, Cliq XT) upgraded to 2.1 as well as a bunch of handsets and tablets scheduled to launch with 1.6 installed.  Of course, when Froyo officially drops here in the US, it should add at least a small 2.2 slice to the pie. Notice this pie chart doesn’t have 2.2 listed even though there is an official build floating around out there.

What flavor of our favorite droid are you running?

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  1. pik
    June 18, 13:15 Reply

    all 1.5 users have galaxy i7500 which will never get updated, thanks samsung, you're the best

  2. Mark
    June 18, 09:34 Reply

    I’m curious, though….after FroYo was “released” at the end of May why isn’t 2.2 listed in the graph?

    Would google exclude unofficial releases? If so, would that extend to custom ROMs?

  3. Strodtbeck
    June 18, 14:09 Reply

    those numbers will increase a lot shortly because T-mobile is upgrading most everything to 2.1 soon and since they are the legacy carrier I think that will help the chart a lot. . . but again, some users just don't care one way or the other as long as the phone does the functions they want and need.

  4. timmyjoe42
    June 19, 19:33 Reply

    Once the Motoblur devices go to 2.1 and the Behold goes to 1.6…what else will be running 1.5?

  5. mutiara
    June 26, 16:10 Reply

    nice post man.. but i just don't care one way or the other as long as my phone works.. haha..

  6. eka
    July 12, 10:59 Reply

    very nice info. thanks

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