Droid 2 Gets a Surprise Hand-On

One of Gizmodo’s lucky readers was able to get his hands on the upcoming Droid 2 from Verizon and Motorola.  Since we pretty much know all there is in terms of specs (1GHz, 5- megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage) we’ll jump right to his perception of the phone.  I think it’s worth pointing out that this was not a “professional” hands-on nor did he expect to see the phone.  This was simply a lucky Droid owner treated to an early look at its predecessor.

In terms of form factor, it’s almost identical to the Droid except smoother, with “a lot more curves and less sharp edges” than the original.  Even though it has the same resolution as the first edition, the camera seemed “definitely faster”.  The wider keyboard made for easier typing and he was a big fan of the directional buttons over the d-pad.

The user interface looked to be the same (ShadowBlur) that’s been in the leaked pictures.  When he asked the Verizon rep about the OS he was told that the phone would likely have stock Froyo on it instead of the custom skin.  If not Froyo, it would be Donut (2.1) with an update following close behind.

Click here to read the full email as it was passed along to Gizmodo.

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    • ChainsDD
      June 18, 13:47 Reply


      hopefully they do go with a vanilla build instead of anything screwy. Motorola has historically failed at custom Android skins…

  1. Tenkely
    June 18, 16:29 Reply

    If that phone runs stock 2.2 and not a custom UI layer, then it looks to be the best Android with a hard keyboard available. kind of impressed with VZW right now…

  2. This Is My Name
    June 18, 17:56 Reply

    It would be the successor, not the predecessor and Donut is one of the earlier versions of Android. Hey AndroidGuys, you looking for writers or copy editors?

  3. CashMan
    July 04, 04:01 Reply

    1.5=Cupcake/ 1.6=Donut/ 2.0-2.1=Eclair/ 2.2=Froyo & 2x or 3x maybe Gingerbread.But 2.1 is definitely not Donut (2.1) Lol. Get to know your deserts and do some homework on your Android version history. The Android community has enough confused people as it is eg: I can’t find this app i just downloaded, or this app don’t work! (Duh! Maybe you can’t find it or it does’nt work because it’s a freaking widget and your an ex iphone user that don’t know how to use them.) Oh yea. CHAINSDD Thanks for your work on the new S.U. hats off to you man.

  4. eka
    July 12, 14:56 Reply

    thanks for sharing

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