QWERTY-Based Samsung Galaxy Q Coming to US

We recently saw our first images of Sprint‘s forthcoming Galaxy S Pro which, for all practical purposes, looks like a standard Galaxy S with a sliding QWERTY.  Word is coming today that Samsung is readying a QWERTY-based Galaxy Q for the United States later this year.  Armed with “advanced social media features”, the phone is said to be taking on the Blackberry market when it arrives.

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  • A premier keyboard phone should be well received, especially if provided by the right carrier.

    Despite all the new Android "superphones" coming out, Droid is still the most business-friendly Android phone. Admittedly at this point in time it doesn't have any sex appeal (similar to a BB device). Even its heavy promotion as a tough guy won't keep it afloat for much longer. Another, slicker business phones need to come. If Galaxy Q is something akin to S, that would be such a phone. I'm a little scared by the "advanced social media features" part. What I'd like to see on such a superphone is a stock Android 2.2, no bloat added.

    Borys Burnayev
    GTD for Android and Web

  • honestly i prefer candy bar touch phone rather than qwertys..

  • eka

    like this..