Samsung to Unveil “New Class” of Android Phones


So much for Samsung simply showing off the Galaxy S and announcing carriers and prices.  We just received our follow up email for the June 29 event where Samsung promises to unveil a “new class of brilliant Android smart phones”.  Now that we know the Captivate is official, and we’ve seen the Galaxy S Pro, I am guessing they’ll be letting us know what each carrier will be offering this summer.

  • I got the same invite this morning, but I'm not able to go to New York City on that day.

    Are you heading over from Cleveland?

  • Billl

    I am in New York, where is this at?

  • Jay

    damn im in NYC, how can I go about getting one of these invites lol

  • Yup. Looks like it will just be their Galaxy line of Android phones… Nothing too great or special about that. =p

  • James

    If you're contemplating a Samsung be sure to check the forums for the legions of former owners screaming for updates and support. Samsung phones have great specs but they abandon their phones the moment they're sold. e.g. Galaxy, Behold II, etc.

  • academic

    shall we say Droid Galaxy?

    • yup.. Galaxy droid.. new species..

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  • eka

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