Nexus One Froyo Update FRF72 Now Available for Download


Remember the rumors last week detailing a new FRF 72 Froyo update available on some Nexus One handsets?  Well,  it appears that the rumors were dead on and the build update is now available for download and manual install. You can get it here or here, but to install it you must be currently running the stock FRF 50 Froyo build already.  This means you have to have the stock recovery image installed.  If you have Cyanogen’s recovery image this will not work!

Overall, it appears the update is very small and fixes some wireless network and keyboard issues.  Details about what exactly this fixes are still forthcoming.  As soon as we find out more we will update this post!

Source: XDA-Developers and Android Central


  1. The default browser in FRF50 wouldn't recognize presses on some types of image buttons (I couldn't log into my bank web site, for example). FRF72 fixes that bug.

    • Like you, this FRF72 update has fixed the button issues I've been getting in Google Reader web app (which was working pretty well before Froyo.) Reader works perfect now without multiple button pressing.

      Also, the Nexus One does seem speedier 🙂

  2. Google Voice doesn't work. After the update, there was a generic icon because Voice couldn't be found. I went to the Market to redownload, but it says it's still installed on my phone. Also, it won't let me uninstall it to reinstall. The Market thinks it is on my phone and will open it from it's page on the market fine. However, when I look within Manage Apps to try and uninstall, it's nowhere to be found.

    Please help.

  3. For me it has fixed the SD mount issues. On FRF50, I could not mount and format the SD card, but now Very seems a bit snappier as well.

  4. Downloaded and installed on my N1. My problem with FRF50 was that my phone would drop my home WiFi connection. Have to stop and restart WiFi on my phone several times a day. I really hope this update fixes this problem. With Google Voice after I installed this new update had to go back into settings and set up Google Voice as your voice mail option.

  5. I just installed the update. it took a good 10 minutes between installation and rebooting the phone (which was unusually long…)

    I have not noticed any big changes… though now there is even more ram available (before it was running around 200 Mb of free ram (using Advance Task Killer), now I am around 250Mb)

    Other users have reported even more internal storage available… which I also noticed.

    I got no loss of signal (also reported by others… I am with Fido in Canada).

    indeed Swype needs to be unistalled and reinstalled (no big deal…)

    To sum up: so far so good!!

    Keep the updates coming, Google!!

  6. I am confused can someone explain , at this time is officialy Froyo out? If not when will they release it? Is this update official?

    • The officially unofficial Android 2.2 upgrade frf 72, i mean, if you want the official one, you have to wait untill google sent to your cell via OTA

  7. My initial impression is that this version of FroYo is much more stable. I have been using it for several hours and I have not noticed any problems with the phone losing it's WiFi connection to my home connection. It just seems a little smoother and more stable than the previous version. Again, nothing new in terms of features but more stable. And for those of you that are having problems with Google Voice, just delete the icon on your home screen and put it back on there. The actual application has not been deleted. You just need to reinstall the icon.

      • Ken, I was able to move 3 apps to my SD card. Rainy Days, The Cubed Music Player and Movies by Flixster. I don't know if this new to FRF72 but when I first downloaded FRF50 I tried to move my apps to the SD card but was unable to do so.

        • Just installed this, but I am a dev and noticed a few saying that Apps2SD isn’t working. Apps2SD requires that the individual applications state that they support it, which obviously requires them to be updated by their respective developers.

          Unlike CyanogenMod, native Apps2SD doesn’t repartition the SD card, so when it’s mounted, you lose access to any apps on the SD card. Apps need to be able to handle this gracefully, which is why they *must* specifically say they will work from the SD card.

          Hope that helps clear it up a bit.

  8. Just noticed some changes. For the first time I was able to move some of the apps to the SD card. Movies, by Flickster, the Cubed Music Player by Filipe Abrantes, and Rainy Days by Hugo Visser. FroYo allowed me to move them to my SD card. Let me know if there's any other apps that can be moved.

  9. Well I have not done anything on my precious Google Nexus One I am waiting for the official froyo update. Any one of you when is the exact date of rolling out this froyo 2.2

    • I would take it now, It doesn't void anything (although I was already rooted) & it works great!
      Waiting on an Official OTA's is Frustraiting as H3LL!

      • Just got off the phone with htc/google tech support. They claim that if you install the test versions of froyo (versions released until an OTA update) it will void your warranty. At least those were the words from the lady's mouth.

        I just want Froyo now damnit!

      • Updating to signed versions of 2.2 will not void your warranty.

        Even the guys at Google are saying (paraphrased) "If you update to a test version, stop it! Wait for the official one! But you'll still get the OTA update if the test version you have is earlier than the release version."

        You were probably talking to HTC support (NOT Google), and to be honest they're probably trained to say that anything you do like this is going to void your warranty.

        Long story short, don't worry.

    • My Neocore FPS seems do have dropped a bit after this update, I was averaging 28.5 but now I cant break 28, im usually around 27.3. I dont have Open GL though so it could be better in that benchmark.

      *****My touch Screen registry errors seem to have subsided with this update, YESSSSS!!!!!*****

  10. Loving the new update. For me, this is much more stable. Better quality for videos, speedier internet, and the phone seems to lag way less than before. So far, I'm a happy frozen treat customer!

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  12. Can anyone confirm if they are able to play WAV files with the new update? On the last update that came out, I wasn't able to play WAV files from exchange. It said that "This type of file is not supported."

  13. Hi…ive purchased a 16gb sd card…is there a way to store or save apps onto the sd card as it has more memory to store more apps…??

    I have the Google Nexus One Phone.