Big in Japan Understands “Legacy”, Releases ShopSavvy Classic

This is exactly what legacy is meant to be.  Big in Japan, makers of the ever-awesome Shop Savvy application for Android, have released a “Classic” version of their app.  This means you guys running older versions of Android can still take advantage of the price comparison and shopping utility.  If you’ve been with Android since the G1 launch back in October 2008, you’ll recall the blue logo with the shopping cart and user interface.  It’s back for ShopSavvy Classic.

We’ve talked a few times on the podcast about leaving legacy versions of apps in the market instead of replacing them.  There’s nothing wrong with putting out new stuff for folks on the cutting edge, but not at the risk of leaving some of your faithful devoted followers in the dark.  As much as we like brand new phones and look for the latest and greatest, there are those people out there who buy older phones or hold on to them for a long time.  Leaving a legacy version of your app in the market or on your website can go a long way in the eyes of your fans.

  • This is a smart move!

  • Spencer

    I still own a g1, not my primary phone but still got one and its nice for developers to think of those customers

  • Josef F

    It's a great app, too. Saved me a lot of money over the past few months.

  • nice app and it work really nice in my galaxy..

  • eka

    thanks for info