Motorola Also Teasing Droid X

Handset maker Motorola has joined Verizon in teasing us with the next generation of Droid.  A mini-page of sorts has gone live on Motorola‘s consumer website, allowing interested parties to sign up for more details.  It’s not immediately obvious what they would be offering different from Verizon’s website although we assume you’d be getting Motorola spam emails and offers down the road.

  • Zed

    A True Evo competitor…Way to go Moto/Verizon!!!!!!!

    • a great competitor for sure.. Love moto!

  • my moto..

  • Vandam500

    @Zed looks like a nice Evo competitor but the fact that it doesn't have a front facing camera already makes its hardware inferior in my eyes.

  • Dragonithe

    Is this also coming to europe?

  • Moto and Verizon are moving dangerously into the world of bloatware with all of these "pre-installed" apps and skins

    You know? Its exactly like the pc makers putting norton on your computer

  • eka

    thanks for info