AMOLED vs. LCD vs. Super AMOLED in Direct Sunlight-FIGHT!


I have to say, I really love my Nexus One AMOLED screen.  It really looks amazing.  However, the one thing I really hate about it is the fact that in direct sunlight, the screen is barely visible, hazy.  Since the launch of the Nexus One, we have seen something Samsung is touting called a Super AMOLED screen, which is supposedly a newer generation AMOLED screen that is much more readable in direct sunlight. No, we still haven’t been able to get our hands on one to test just yet, but those Europeans have had the Galaxy S for a few days now, and we finally get to see a match-up: LCD vs. AMOLED vs. Super AMOLED. All T-Mobile customers are going to want to take a look at this as the Galaxy is rumored to be launching on the big magenta this summer.

In the video above, you will see  (from left to right) the Galaxy S (Super AMOLED), an HTC Desire (AMOLED), and the Xperia X10 (LCD) all lined up in direct sunlight.  In my view,  the Super AMOLED is definitely the most visible and beautiful. It really stands out. What do you folks think?

Source: TechBlog via Engadget

  • This is not a fair comparison. sun on the left side and is holding the camera in his right hand. he should have turned left so that the sun could be in front of the camera and tripod.

    • meanmcclean

      honestly the xperia looks pretty amazing in this vid, best imo even. I read on other tests that the samsung does well in sunlight except at sharp angles. /i hope T-Mobile does pick it up, if they do, so will I.

  • Horst

    None of the screens stand out. They all suck at direct sunlight.

    • my spica, is the suckest of the suckest screen at direct sunlight man.. these three is much better..

  • mel

    i like the Xperia.. i want to have it…

  • htc desire seems good,,

  • super amoled cool man 🙂

  • very nice man..

  • eka

    nice video. it's cool.

  • SAAD


  • Dinesh

    There is no need to fight over this, I have used the following phones:

    Nokia E90, E63, E51, 6120 and iphone 3GS

    Nothing of the above comes even closer to the Samsung Wave Screen…Its just perfect, and the best part is you only need it to be set at brightness level 1. (There are 10 more levels if you want, but you will know that level 1 is hard enough in the morning and clear than any other phone in direct sunlight)

    Further more Samsung made the processor for iphone 4, this has the same kind of processor A8, and the sound quality and out put levels are much much good than iphones.

    I will recommend this phone to any iphone user, and anyone with a good understanding about touch screen phones will end up saying F*****G WOW!!!! This phone rocks.

    I forgot to mention, this plays Divex out of the box, how many phones does that….

    Buy this phone, you will not be sad at all….

  • malient

    The video shows that the XPeria looks like the best of the three screens. Sorry man, but I was hoping that the AMOLED would look better in direct sunlight.

  • I will recommend this phone to any iphone user, and anyone with a good understanding about touch screen phones will end up saying awesome!!!

  • David

    I appreciate this experiment, but the results, in my opinion, are inconclusive. All three phones have terrible performance in direct sunlight, as can be expected with *ANY* screen technology that is based on light traveling through it, not reflecting off of it.

    E-INK screens look great in direct sunlight because they are completely reflective. Any screen that requires a backlight will look like *h*t in direct sunlight.

    Why bother comparing them? All three of them are unreadable. One being less unreadable than the other makes no difference. Simply place your hand to the side of the phone and cup it into some shade, and you’re set.

  • drkhatri

    amoled display of nokia N8 is brilliant
    in direct sun light pixel quality become enhanced

  • Akshay dange

    amoled great screen and its quality can be seen in HTC DROID INCREDIBLE

  • Dproffessa

    I dont know what you were smoking man but there is no way the Samsung is brighter man, the Experia was the best display there

  • AMOLED looks great!

  • rad

    the three phones make good reflection of your video cam….

  • thumb up for SUPER AMOLED

  • LarryH

    Judging by the video: Xperia X10 is more visibility than Samsung  Galaxy , HTC is simply hopeless.

  • MaryM

    I think you guys is being brainwash by Samsung Advertive, The Super AMOLED is simply sucks under direct sunlight. AMOLED is still very new and the organic materials used in AMOLED displays are prone to degradation over a period of time.

  • Slumko

    The Experia won this battle.