Confirmed: Droid X Twitter Account Real

We were the first site to bring you the news this morning about a Twitter account we found hidden in the new Droid X commercial.  At the time we reported it, we were the first account to follow them but the numbers quickly rose.  (I mean really, what’s the worst that could happen? )  The account is nearing 1,800 followers as of the time we are publishing this.

When we mentioned it this morning, the account was bare bones with no tweets.  Checking again we see that it is in fact a legit account and it’s all dressed up in Droid colors.  It gets better!  They are giving away a few Droid X handsets. 

You’ll need to follow the account for clues as to where to find them.  The official bio description of their account has the following:

The next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country. Follow us for clues.

We told ya once and we’ll tell ya again… follow @DroidLanding!

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    • mutiara
      June 26, 16:00 Reply

      ok, i'll be the 2nd its ok.. haha..

  1. Droid X Apps
    June 22, 08:46 Reply

    I love these promotions that require a bit of sleuthing. Very exciting! Any news on when the Droid 2 will be launched/announced?

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