Droid X Teaser Commerical Arrives, Twitter Easter Egg Included [VIDEO]


The first Droid X teaser has landed online and it feels a little bit familiar.   The tv spot doesn’t do a great deal to “show” anything other than an eyeball.  Or does it?  Watching it in an almost frame-by-frame mode you get to see the reflection of some of the specs come across the eye, such as “HDMI output”.

I’d like to draw attention to my superior investigative skills and let you know about what I believe might be a new twitter account hidden in the commercial.  Right after the ad starts we see a quick glimpse of some texts written backwards which, when flipped horizontally, read as @DroidLanding.  Sounds like a twitter account, right?  So far, I am the first and only follower of a Droid Does account over there.  I feel pretty good that this might be a new source of Droid information once it starts up.  As of right now, there are zero tweets and a very generic profile/background.  Perhaps we’re ahead of schedule and aren’t meant to know it exists yet?