SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Launching Tomorrow in Android Market


Engadget is reporting that Sling is launching SlingPlayer Mobile for Android tomorrow for $29.99.   According to both Engadget and Sling the app has improved greatly since the public beta concluded. Furthermore, Sling claims they’ve specifically worked to improve load and response times with this version. Engadget is calling it “fastest SlingPlayer Mobile to date” and that is really something considering how good the iPhone application is.  This post will be update when the application goes live tomorrow! Are you as excited as we are?

Source: Engadget


  1. I have it on my ipod touch, my son who is on your phone that uses Windows and here and there on his return home from work. It's good to have and it's not like your going to sit down and watch for hours and eat a lot of airtime, Get Real. $30 bucks, a time share is not too much. Now I will get it on my android.

  2. What a disapointment…plays like crappy on my ego…very choppy…not worth the 30 bucks…the playback sucks…thanks for fin up sling u sux

  3. Have it on my EVO. If you have a Slingbox Pro or HD and using the built in tuner in the slingbox, its worse than the palm version. No channel guide (that is from the DVR when you see it on the picture). and no favorites. The lack of the favorites feature is really a pain so all you have is a remote that you can punch numbers into, you have to memorize the channel numbers, no presets etc. It is a step down from the other applications, I would prefer the version that I had on my Palm Treo over this one.