Google Maps 4.3 Released, Includes Optimized Ratings for Places and Latitude Suggestions


Google has pushed out version 4.3 of the increasingly useful Google Maps application for Android handsets.  If you are running 1.6 or higher, you are advised to immediately download the latest release.  There are three  improvements/additions to the Maps you’ve grown to love over the last year and a half – Place pages, Transit, and Latitude.

Place Pages

Thinking of grabbing a bite to eat tonight but don’t know whether or not the restaurant is worth your time or money?  Why not check out often-mentioned aspects like food quality, service, and atmosphere in handy, color-coded bars>  Much like you can find on Place Pages on your desktop, it’s a breeze to skim through review blurbs and figure out if you need to look elsewhere for a burrito.

Google Maps 4.3 Places Ratings


Public transit stations, schedules, and more are now available at your fingertips.  Find out when the next subway is due or whether or not you have time to get to the bus station. 


Google makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with close friends or rekindle a relationship with and old buddy.   Look to the bottom of Latitude friend list and you’ll see an option to share your location with friends as well as Google Contacts. There are also options to add friends from a list of suggestions in case they don’t immediately come to mind.

Look for Google Maps 4.3 in the Android Market today.  If you have a previous version installed, look for that update available icon in the notification bar.


  1. If you are running 1.6 or higher, you are advised to immediately download the latest release. Why does this version need permission to record audio? The previous version did voice search fine without that permission, so I assume it is needed for something else.
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  2. Hi I recently bought Samsung Spica and new at android. I can access only limited applications in my android market. There's not even a google map in my cellphone. How can I extend for access all the application in the market? Thanks.