Samsung Behold II Starts Rolling Out its Final Update (1.6)

T-Mobile customers with Samsung Behold II handsets are seeing their first, and final, update this week.  Android 1.6 Donut is hitting phones over the next few days and it’s bringing a few extra goodies along.  Aside from the standard Android fare of Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search, and Quick Search Box, T-Mobile is adding the Swype keyboard and some media player improvements.  The full details and official announcement can be found at T-Mobile’s forum.

  • pik

    behold owners should consider themselves extremely lucky to get 1.6. i, galaxy i7500 user, will most probably never see this update. btw if i ever change my phone, you can bet it’s not going to be a samsung

  • Pan Troy

    Samsung Promised 2.x and instead deliver 1.6 claiming that the Behold II cannot support 2.x


  • Sam Leah

    Such a Shame. Hardware wise, this phone is the best of the 1st Gen phones. It could have been the premier 1st Gen Android phone if Samsung would have properly supported it with fixes and timely updates.

    Instead, due to lackluster sales (through the fault of Samsung not supporting this phone), Samsung decided to cut their losses on this phone.

    Worse yet, the driver architecture and sources of this phone are CLOSED and PROPRIETARY. Unless Samsung releases that info, there is NO CHANCE of the community ever updating this phone.

  • how price is it?? is the behold II cannot support 2.x, isnt it??

  • Aztec

    Everyone There is an online petition going on t demand fair treament from samnsung. Basically 2.x update. a full refund or asamsung phone that will have 2.x running on it

    leave ur comments and name. at the end it will ask for a donation. just close the window and ur name will still be addedon the petition. spread the word!!!

  • wow, really nice wallpaper and cool design man 🙂

  • it's look elegant,, love it

    • yeah, it look really nice,, great taste nining..

  • eka

    it's cooool..

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