T-Mobile Vibrant (Galaxy S) Prepping for July 21 Arrival


T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S looks as if it will be called the Vibrant when it arrives July 21st.  Cell Phone Signal has been sent some official looking pictures of the device along with details of pre-loaded applications and services.  According to their sources, the T959 Vibrant will ship with “The Sims 3, Avatar, Amazon Kindle, and GoGo in-flight Internet support” among others.  This matches up exactly with what TmoNews was reporting yesterday as well.

Hardware for the Vibrant echoes many of the Galaxy S specs we’ve seen so far including a 4-inch Super AMOLED touch display, 1GHz processor , 5-megapixel camera with HD video capture,and 16GB of memory.  There’s also support, of course, for FM radio, Bluetooth 3.0 digital compass, WiFi b/n, and GPS.  The Vibrant will be powered by Android 2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 user interface.

So now we’ve got three out of four.  When will we see Verizon’s Galaxy S show up?


    • I like how everyone thinks this LED flash is anything like the flash on other digital cameras.

      LED flash does nothing positive for the camera, it can harm image quality.

      The sensors in the phones are what make the image in almost every case.

      Manufacturers are just adding LED flash now I think because people will buy into it.

      • Yes the on board flashes dont do TTL or Metering to flash, but i would allways take a flash on a mobile over one that does not have it. I'll be skipping this too, no resone to leave a flash out at this point in time on mobiles.

  1. Someone please tell me why the home screen reminds me of an iPhone????? I thought this was supposed to be an Android phone.

  2. yeah if t mobiles version of this phone doesnt have the front facing camera and doesnt have the flash on the back one im going to be very dissapointed

    • what is the big deal of a front face camera??? the phones didn't have it before and so the big deal is?????? and as far as the flash .. you can change the settings for night mode and the quality is way better then that of the iphone…the phone it self is a fantastic phone… and if thats the reason you people won't buy it then its stupid.

  3. WOW, people won't pick this phone up because it won't come with flash? That's pretty sad! What about the rest of the specs? This phone looks like it may be on par to dominate, and people are saying "No Flash, No Thank You" I just don't get it? I've owned many phones over the years with flash, and for the most part I always turn flash off because the images always look worse with it on. Am I missing something? When did having flash more important than the rest of the phone? You guys are lame!

    • The trick is not to be 2 inches away from your subject with flash, you stand back use the digital zoom to come into your subject and fire the flash as to fill your scene. And thats how you do it. That lesson was free, yes digital zoom sucks. But thats all we can do at this point with the tech we have. No reason to leave out flash. "fail"

      • plenty phones do not have flash and honestly there is no need for it…. it wouldve been ncie to have and it does come in the Verizon phone but that is not going to be the reason why I won't get the phone… matter of fact I have it and the quality of the pictures are really good to other phones.

  4. Heres an idea T-mobile should open up a poll on line for people to vote on new mobiles T-mobile is considering for release, let the people vote on the phones they want.

  5. I dont get alot of the complaints this phone looks pretty good. Yea the design of the hardware is iphone-esque but so what the iphone looks good and so does this phone. Isn't the important part of Android the fact that its customizable. With the exception of how the app drawer looks everything else is obviously android. Maybe people should take a look at a video of the UI in action and not judge it based on 1 pic because it looked decent to me.

    And why is no flash such a big deal, it doesnt always mean better pictures. Anyway when it comes down to im looking to buy a phone not a camera and as a phone the vibrant is top notch.

    Also the ffc isnt a deal breaker either, there are what 2 phones out now with a ffc and the iphone can only video chat with other iphones. So who do you plan on video chatting?? By the time video chatting becomes mainstream your contract will be up or close to it and you can buy a phone with a ffc and better specs than phones now.

    A bigger worry is that this phone will not be an HSPA+ phone

  6. I'm not upgrading to this when it is rumored that TMO is getting a dual core processor device with 4.3 inch screen and other goodies later this year. I'll be happy to use my Nexus One til something worth upgrading to comes along.