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Everyone uses Wikipedia to get basic information on practically anything.  Wapedia, developed by Taptu, is the best client bringing Wikipedia to your mobile phone with an amazing interface and a simple layout. If you want to conclude heated arguments with friends on the go, Wapedia is what you need.

Wapedia is really fast even on 2G networks, so you get content quickly even if you’re away from a Wifi hotspot or a 3G network. Wapedia also formats the pages and resizes images that are retrieved and makes the pages fit to screen better than web browsers do. This makes it pleasurable to use and view the content on your phone. Wapedia includes content is various languages and can connect to other Wikis, like Uncyclopedia, Ilogicopedia, GTA Wiki and so on.

Wapedia also has a button to show the contents of the Wikipedia page and it lets you navigate to the desired topic. You can share the Wiki pages directly from the application with a tap of a button. It also provides options of changing font and image sizes with a full screen mode. It comes with two simple themes (black and white), font options, and a full-screen mode. And thats not all: there’s a Wapedia widget you can put up on your homescreen for a quick search.

So if you want lightning fast access to Wikipedia on your Android phone, you should try Wapedia. Not only is it available in the Android Market, Taptu provides the .apk as a direct download.

Rating ****1/2

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  1. @jeffliwag
    June 23, 14:54 Reply

    Tried it and all other Wikipedia apps, but I still prefer Quickpedia's UI and speed.

  2. Canuck
    June 23, 20:57 Reply

    Wikipedia has a well-designed mobile web site. Why bother with an app?

    • Dexter
      June 24, 02:29 Reply

      Er, it couldn't be that this is also usable for other wikis like Uncyclopedia or Illogicopedia as stated in the article. Nope. I'm sure NOBODY would use it for those sites. Why not read the full article before commenting?

    • EG
      June 25, 01:56 Reply

      The whole point of using apps is browsers are slow.

  3. eka
    July 12, 14:31 Reply

    thanks for sharing

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