BREAKING: Froyo Code Being Published to AOSP Right Now

At the Google I/O conference, Google announced that Froyo code would be released to the open source community in “the coming weeks.” Many were beginning to wonder just how many weeks that would take. But the wait is over: Froyo code is beginning to be dropped into the Android Open Source Project right now.

It’s likely that this means it will also begin being pushed out to handsets very soon, especially plain vanilla Android devices like the Nexus One. Additionally, with the code in the open, modders like Cyanogen will be able to begin building froyo-based ROMs.

We expect that this development will be officially announced at the Droid X event getting started right now. [Edit: Andy Rubin did indeed confirm this news at the Droid X event, saying “everyone can start hacking on it right now, and start making it even better.”

Stay tuned to AndroidGuys for more information as it develops.

Source: Cyanogen

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  • dethduck

    "A wild AOSP appears!"

    CyanogenMod, I choose you!

  • NexGen

    Eagerly awaiting froyo…. please Google… haven’t been able to sleep for weeks now…

  • wow, cool man 🙂

  • froyo froyo im dying for froyo..

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    nice post

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