So I Bumped Into Mr. BlurryCam This Morning…

Today marks the triumphant return of Mr. Blurrycam. While riding the train this morning, I was fortunate enough to catch the Droid X being used by an unassuming individual. “This is the perfect opportunity to test the EVO’s 8MP camera!” I thought. I was sitting on the upper level of the train and out of sight of the individual using the Droid X, so I immediately started snapping photos of the not-yet-released device. What you see below is the result of pictures being taken from the upper level of a moving train. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Blurrycam.

You can blame the Cook County Circuit Court for Mr. Blurrycam’s return. I no longer carry my DSLR with me because cameras are not allowed in the courthouse.

  • Steve

    I know exactly where and what train these are being taken. Motorola has a r&d facility in Libertyville, IL and many employees take the metra train from the city. I've seen my share of prototypes.

  • nice post man, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • you mean you take this from a surveillance cam?

  • eka

    nice info