EVO 4G Versus Droid X : Who Ya Got?

We know the announcements just came down within the last hour for the Droid X but we’re dying to know.  If you had your choice between the EVO 4G from Sprint and the Droid X from Verizon, who would you pick?  And why?  Vote in the poll below and then back your argument up in the comments.

  • terry

    FIRST!! haha. Yea, the droid is going to last longer, be faster, be a better phone in every aspect plus on a network that works in more places. Don't believe me, come to where I live, the mountains of Western North Carolina, Verizon is the only maker that can cut thru the trees!

    • Joey S.

      How the heck is the Droid X going to be faster, last longer, or be better at all? That isn't backing up your argument at all, just starting random crap. Come to where I live, can't get a signal on Verizon at all.

    • Benjamin

      Yes Let's see:

      16:9 vs. 16:10 = DROID X

      854×480 (240 ppi) vs. 800×480 (216.97 ppi) screen rez = DROID X

      VZW vs. Sprint 3G coverage = DROID X

      GPU Perf. PowerVR SGX 530 GPU vs. Qualcomm QSD8650 = DROID X

      HDMI Out .V1.4 vs. V1.3 = DROID X

      DLNA Support Yes vs. No = DROID X

      Capped at 30fps Video No vs. Yes = DROID X

      Num. of Display Colors 16M vs Unpublished = Probably DROID X

      divx/xvid Native Playback Support Yes vs. No = DROID X

      Speaker Phone Loudness and Clarity = DROID X

      Will Receive aOS updates faster: Probably = DROID X

      All day long baby! All day long! 😉

      "(optical zoom will break easy)" huh? Which has optical Zoom?

      EVO Better Looking ? Subjective at best.
      EVO Better Features? Relative to what you need
      EVO Better UI? Subjective at best. Actually I like the DROIDs UI better.

      ***Let me see -Both Hands Up- for the DROID X! More power, better video, DNLA support, this thing is a media juggernaut!***

      • DROID X unreliable – EVO more reliable

        Every phone has their problems… The DROID X simply has more problems.

        Brother had EVO
        I had DROID X

        Droid X would constantly force close apps on me.
        Google Navigation never worked once, it would freeze, then force close or just close out itself, then I would have to open it up again.

        I paid more $86 without unlimited text, only had 250 text and I did NOT have 4G Wimax. I would have unlimited text on Sprint and 4G for $84

        The physical buttons are not as nice as screen buttons.

        Physically carrying the phone and using its buttons was not as nice as the EVO

        HTC makes a great processor, the HTC Incredible is about 2x faster than the DROID X after 10 days use… When they are brand new, the DROID X will briefly run faster.

        The camera took twice as long to load compared to the EVO

        I’m assuming the phone was slow because all of MotoBlur’s features were running in the background and you had to manually close them 1 by 1. They usually somehow open themselves back up though it seemed… Annoying

        Camera … EVO WINS WITH THE FRONT FACING CAMERA… the back camera’s were identical, actually on the EVO you could easily adjust the camera settings, like brightness contrast etc. almost instantly. While on the Droid X you had to change, then test, change then test… and they were about the exact same whn the settings matched.

        EVO already updated to 2.2 so it can tehter for free from what i hear.

        What else made me return this Phone…???
        Ohhh THE BATTERY!!! WHAT THE F’n HELL happened… from 6:30 to 3:30 pm???

        I almost threw the Droid X against a wall!!!

        Since Sprint service sucks where i live, as does Verizon, i figured i’d just try the iPhone4 out… I’ll get Android after they fix all the little glitches and perfect it, but for now, i just wanna see what all this iPhone hype is about…

        • DROID X unreliable – EVO more reliable

          I forgot to mention that the Speech Recognition when clicked sometimes wouldnt even respond


          The apps on the screen would actually disappear, but just on the bottom 1/2 of the screen… The background was still visible… You had to put the phone in stand-by and undo standby to get it out…

          Overall i just want a phone that doesn’t pull all this little shit on me after 14 days.

          Verizon charges you the $35 for restocking and $35 activation if returned after $3.

          • DROID X unreliable – EVO more reliable

            Verizon charges you the $35 for restocking and $35 activation if returned after 3 DAYS

  • Ben

    Not an easy choice. I'm going to have to get my hands on the Droid X before deciding. Here is what I'm thinking so far:

    EVO advantages over the Droid X:
    — The EVO takes up much less space in your pocket. The Droid X looks very big next to the EVO and has that weird hump on the back. Motorolla makes ugly phones if you ask me.
    — Is the EVO screen wider? Anyone have the actual height and width of the screens?
    — Kickstand
    — 4G for some
    — Front facing camera
    — I prefer screen buttons to real ones
    — HTC has more experience delivering Android phones and updates
    — ?

    Droid X over the EVO:
    — Microphone for noise cancellation
    — Commitment to Froyo by the end of the Summer
    — Video and photo samples look suprisingly good
    — Verizon doesn't charge you $10 extra a month for having a big screen.
    — The Sprint family plan is a ripoff if you just need one data phone.
    — 8GB internal memory
    — Comes with a 16GB card
    — Isn't the Sprint hotspot charge more than $20?
    — No rumors (so far) of the glass / screen material separating from the body like on the EVO.
    — No rumors (so far) of touch sensitivity problems
    — ?

    • Joey S.

      The camera is the same on both the EVO and Droid X, that's not something one has over the other. Sprint doesn't charge the ten a month for screen, it's for the bandwidth. The family data plan is the same price as the the Verizon regular plan and almost all sprint phones include data, so how is that a ripoff? The hotspot charge is less on Verizon but the bandwidth charge on Verizon is more, it links to less phones and the data for Verizon is also an add on that's more than Sprint. HTC has fixed those screen problems on the EVO.

      • Spencer

        No, it really isn't. They have the same megapixel count but they are definitely not the same camera. Droid x outshoots the evo. If you go to a store to buy a camera all the five megapixel cameras are definitely not the same, same for eight megapixels and all other amounts of megapixels. The HD recording is supposed to have a better frame rate as well and supports "super slow motion video" as well as the speed up fast play back (forget what that's called)

      • I'll concur…… I'm using about 4GB of data, and my cycle started 3 weeks ago…… I see why no bigger screen on new iPhone w/ AT&T data caps — ppl would flyyyyy right thru that in a week or 2!

        What is this guys talk of family plan being a ripoff w/ one phone?!? Who gets a fmaily plan for ONE phone?? If you did sir, then you my friend are, sorry to say, …. an IDIOT. =

    • Verizon charges you far more overall. Sprint gives you free texting, internet, calls to any mobile phone, etc. for $69.99. Verizon's unlimited data plans cost more and offer less.

      • That is a great point that many leave out. Ultimately, both phones are top of the line beasts, with (depdending on the category) one offering minor improvements over the other. To me, the cost of the plan is far more significant than something like slightly more dpi (resolution), especially on a 4.3 inch screen. Big deal.

        I’m not being an EVO apologist. I just think that some stats get blown out of perspective. Framerate, resolution… These aren’t PCs built to run dual-video-card-hogging games. And in any case, the major trump card applies to both: Android. A market free from Apple’s chokehold.

        I guess the sad part for owners of either phone is that in a few months, some 1.3 Ghz phone with 24 megapixels and that can do your homework will be out. Technology is a jerk.

    • koricua74

      Sprint does charge more for it's hotspot but it allows for 5GB cap (3G) and unlimited (4G).

      • That's where you are incorrect sir. That "premium data" charge gives u TOTALLY, NO CAP data for Either 3G or 4G. And with the big screen, and the data I have burned thru since I got the phone, I can see why……

        SPRINT HAD NO DATA CAPS — that is if you pay the extra $10. Other wise, 3G "caps" at 5GB, and they will start throttling you if u constantly go over that mark…. <thats what all that "throttling" fuss was about.

    • Ross

      The sprint plans are a lot less then the verizon plans, if you compared prices you would know that, and if you go to best buy, they give you your mail in rebate up front so you only pay $200 outright for the Evo… =)

    • bill

      sprint is $30 but its unlimited. Evo also does up to 8 devices. Verizon is 20 and it has a 2gb limit

    • Scott K

      1. Verizon just costs alot more you have to pay a 30 $ a month data plan in addition to voice, so even with sprints 10$ charge you’re paying more on verizon. 2. Verizon hotspot costs more than sprint and you have a data cap on verizon, none on sprint.

    • Joe bert

      I’m confused how the evo fita better in your pocket the droid is smaller its a mm taller but the evo is fatter look at the picture of the 2 up top my friend is always having problems with the evo o have a droid x he says mine is way better and faster on internet he just gets his calls and texts a half seconds faster

  • I have one thing to say… Front facing camera vs NO front facing camera.

    Droid X = FAIL

    • Aaaaaagreed.

    • It also only has 512MB of ROM v. the EVO's 1GB of ROM.

      • techgeek32

        Actually, you are wrong. They both have 512MB of RAM. The Droid X has 8GB of ROM, compared to the EVO which only has 1GB of ROM.

    • Nick

      Nobody uses front facing cameras. They are a gimmick. The only reason people talk about them is because the Iphone has one. They have been on Nokia phones for years and still nobody uses it.

      • Harry

        Strongly Agreeeeeeee!

  • marko

    I choose evo 4g. It has a front facing camera for video calls. It has 4g connectivity. Plans are cheaper with Sprint. Unlimited data for WiFi hotspot.

  • asdfsad

    HTC builds shoddy equipment, so I have to pick the droid here. In reality, it's all about the Samsung Galaxy S on t-mobile with HSPA+.

    • Ben

      I'm tempted by that super amoled screen but look how long it took Samsung to get Android 1.6 to the Behold II. I'm not sure the update has even been deployed yet. That is a big red flag for me.

    • Mike

      Are you mentally challenged?

    • Sprint is also getting a 4G "Galaxy S" dubbed — the "Epic 4G". Hold the applause….

    • Jaz

      How does htc make shoddy equipment? They have some of the best designs of any phone maker plus their phones come with htc sense which beats almost every other android phone out there. The droids might have great casing material but they are butt ugly. I'll stick with htc any day.

      • Joe bert

        shoddy equipment doesn’t mean it looks good it means it sucks in general droid may be ugly bit performs better in every aspect I would rather have a ugly good performing phone rather then a good looking shoddy phone

    • zeep

      Not in Western Washington. T-Mobile's service and coverage is terrible here.

  • when it comes down to 2 great phones, it ultimately is a battle of the plans. in my eyes the sprint plan is a lot more bang for your buck so I'm sticking to my Evo!

    • Scettt

      Completely agree with ya however in my eyes u r incorrect, more “bang for your buck” would refer to the reliability of the network, how often you drop calls, how often you lose your signal, etc.
      In this sense, yes sprint is cheaper but it is cheaper for a reason, Verizon could be considered a Mercedes and Sprint an Acura. You want premium service for your premium phone you’re gonna have to pay more.

  • DroidATX

    This was a hard decision for me……but I must choose the EVO. Sprint plans are less expensive and I have 4G in my area…….both phones rock! They kill the fruity phone………..DROID!!!!

  • Elliott

    Sprint = $86 a month unlimited data. Verizon = $100 + a month. No brainer.

  • ShadowGod

    Does the Droid X have a kickstand? No? Then it sucks.

    • Angie

      A defining factor between a phone sucking or not is if it has a kickstand? You're kidding, right?

      • Tubthumper

        Spoken like one who has not experienced the kickstand.

        • The_Omega_Man

          I watched my friends EVO 4G repeatedly fall over because of the placement off set of the kickstand.

  • I'm also interested in the width question… Is EVO wider? hmmm… Besides that… Having carried both Moto and HTC Android devices, I'm all about Moto! Better reception, better battery life, better screen res… Three mics (one front facing for video recording)… AWESOME screens with Gorilla Glass (never been able to scratch my Droid, even after a few drops on the driveway!). Motorola definitely makes the better quality device.

    • The screens are the same width, but my guess is the Droid X is wider.

      Also, I would rather have the front-facing camera and 4G than the extra 54 pixels.

    • Forrest

      The Evo is a little bit wider, and the droid x is a little bit taller.

      both screens are the same size though

  • Mike

    Droid X will have better battery life due to a 45nm processor. 🙂

  • MN1

    Not even close….EVO 1st round TKO. Motoblur/Texas Instrument/and most importantly tiered data plan makes this an easy one. Nothing to see here….let's move on. Better matchup WILL be EVO vs Scorpion at the end of the year. That's when people will be saying "What is a DROID X"?

  • I say give me gyroscope and better pixel density :). Oh – better body design and battery life will not hurt ether. And since I'm no big fun of you know who I guess I will have to wait until next latest and greatest. Which is much easier to bear caring good old N1

    • Tubthumper

      You like big butts and you cannot lie.

      • The_Omega_Man

        Who doesn't?

  • EVO still wins the battle of tech specs. And Sense UI > Motoblur. Bundled microSD cards are worthless because they're usually some class-2 crap. If you're going to rock a microSD card, it's got to be at least class 6, if not higher.

    I wonder if the Droid X has the same Pentile subpixel matrix as the other AMOLEDs. 'Cause I don't care what they say about brightness and color as long as that is in effect. That crap is super annoying.

    • Yup, class 2 8GB came with EVO. Thinking about upping mine up to a 16GB class 6 I seen on Amazon. I believe I heard about some 32GB micro SDs selling at or around $100 now (Last I checked, they we $199).. dont know what class tho.

    • The_Omega_Man

      Motorola says that the Droid X does not have Motoblur on it.

    • The_Omega_Man

      You know that the DROID X comes with an 16GB SD card and supports FAT32 formatted microSDHC, Class 6 cards! The thing is coming with 24GB of storage!

  • Tough choice. I went with the Evo because I have seen it and was blown away by it, and the front facing camera is just plain awesome.
    But if you don't need the front facing camera… I think the Droid X will perform better in the end.

    • Joe bert

      definately does I item a droid x my friend has a evo he says mine is way better plus people need to stop being lazy and just turn your dam phone around screw a front facing camera I want better performance aka droid x

  • Alberto

    i've got evo..but honestly you can't go wrong with either phone..it's not like your picking a iphone..lol…android ftw

  • Phillip

    If Sprint had better coverage for us knuckle draggin cromagnen here in Alabama, it would be tougher to pick. But Moto is gorgeous, and the coverage cant be compared… DROID X!

  • Simon

    Tough question! i live in australia so both handset doen't even exist here! hehehe best android we can get here is the Samsung Galaxy S!
    Assuming we have both, since no 4G in australia… i don't use front facing cam even if i got it…
    i'm gonna go for Droid X! looks mean and i hate the sense UI

    but Since Evo is HTC, means custom ROMS and cyanogen!! very tough choice!

    still i'll go for moto.

    • Ragflan

      I feel you Simon. I can't stand it that both manufacturers just chose to ignore the rest of the planet. EVO I can understand. 4G. But Motorola Droid X should have been released to GSM countries.

    • The_Omega_Man

      I believe that the Motorola CEO said at the Motorola DROID X launch party, that there would be some international variants to the Droid X, however, the specs or features will probably vary.

      • Awesomeness stuck in india

        really awesome! cant wait, i live in India but i wish i could get these.

  • GothamCityGuy

    Lets see 4.3″ – Tie
    3G vs. 4G = EVO
    Sense vs. Blur = EVO. Blur sucks
    Front facing camera – EVO
    Battery life = Droid X
    VZW vs. Sprint rate plans = EVO
    Giant hump on the back vs. sleek = EVO
    Froyo = tie
    Opitcal Zoom vs. Digital Zoom = EVO (optical zoom will break easy)

    **hands down goes to EVO. Just a better looking device, better features, better UI**

  • Ragflan

    What both manufacturers should realise is that there's a huge market for these phones outside the US in GSM countries. I live in Australia, and I would love to have a Motorola Droid X. But I felt like I got reamed this morning when I read that Droid X is not only Verizon-only, it's US only.

  • trn

    I'd buy the first one of the two that comes out in a GSM version. The ability to only use these phones in the US and then for them to be paper-weights abroad kills both of these phones for me. N1 will hold me over until a GSM EVO/Droid X comes out.

    Oh, and Id rather have the Droid X.

    • Tubthumper

      Why would you leave the US? Are you some sorta furraner?

      • Stone

        You kidding me? Is this a rhetoric question? People travel to outside of the US for numerous purposes …lol.. just stop and think about it.

  • Bitmice

    The EVO is the evolution of the mobile phone, Apple made the evolution with their iPhone 4. Any new phone not supplying a 4G and front facing camera is missing the boat!

    • Phillip

      You and all these other people talking about 4G… Thats not really something you can count as better, because how many people can actually use the 4G? Yeah, not much. Thats like saying a FiOS connection is a better internet source, when you get some things that may not be as fast, like regular DSL/Broadband, but they're EVERYWHERE, unlike FiOS.

      • Triangle

        But when 4g rolls into my city, the evo will be able to use it. You can’t say the same about the moto.

        • Angie

          Sure you can. I believe the DroidX is set for VZW's LTE, right?

          • Agreed. But I have both FiOS and 4G in my area! 🙂 But i digress, Sprint is currently Rolling out more sections of their network. And even with it being WiMax and everyone else wanting LTE – They can switch over with a little software update, plain and simple – they have a HUGE headstart over their competitors…. IF you got it, you got it, but even w/ just 3G, the EVO still takes the cake… 4G is just that little extra tasty frosting on top 🙂

            Froyo anyone??

          • Matt

            Nope. 100% wrong

          • Matt

            i was speaking of the droidX having 4g of any kind… not happening

      • Agreed. But I have both FiOS and 4G in my area! 🙂 But i digress, Sprint is currently Rolling out more sections of their network. And even with it being WiMax and everyone else wanting LTE – They can switch over with a little software update, plain and simple – they have a HUGE headstart.

        No one this is pushing LTE in this country even has one market in full effect yet (VZ spot-tested LTE in Boston in May). Sprint started here in Baltimore in Sept 2007 — Think of the long road ahead for the competitors to first start their networks, then get more markets…. SPRINT FTW!

        • The_Omega_Man

          VZW's LTE is more ready and already has more coverage than you think! 😉 Stay tuned for Q1 2011!

  • Tough choice, but honestly, unfortunately, the Droid suffers from typical American design sensibilities: looks clunky and outdated.

    As far as the Evo and Sprint , I'm in the LA Metro area and Sprint coverage can't be beat. I LOVE Sprint and my new Evo. Cheaper than Verizon for sure, and more for your dollar. For $79.99/mo I get Unlimited Data, Unlimited Texting AND Unlimited Mobile to Mobile to ANY carrier in the US…can't beat that…no other major provider has that. Plus, by the end of the year I will have 4G service.

    The Evo is sleek, sexy and FAST.

  • Droid X is the one 🙂

  • guest

    For those who don't know – Sprint phones will roam on (free of charge) on Verizon's networks…

  • honestly, moto-droid is better for me.. love it but have not enough cash to purchase it..

  • Huckster McPlush

    Droid X all the way.

  • I think it's funny that people who have never handled or used the Droid X are proclaiming "It sucks!'

    Personally, I couldn't care less about a front-facing camera. Maybe I'm underestimating the desire to video chat, but I think it's a bit of a novelty feature. I have a webcam on my laptop and rarely use it for video chat (on skype or other services).

    I have an HTC Incredible, but Motorola is known for it's durable hardware. Plus, I'm not interested in moving to Sprint. Too many bad experiences with them, particularly customer service and questionable billing practices. For some that keep suggesting MotoBlur, you're wrong. Every review I've seen states that the Droid X does NOT have MotoBlur running on it. As for the size – the Droid X is actually slimmer other than the top hump for the camera, which by many reports is really not that big of a deal.

    I think the comparison of price plans is a bit of a wash. Once you start paying in excess of $100 for a cell phone, you need to stop complaining about $10 difference. I will give Sprint the nod on 4G — where it's available. Further, I wonder if people will be locked in with 3G-capable phones on Verizon only to see new devices pop up once the LTE transition kicks in.

    I am likely going to give my son the Incredible and pick up the Droid X on July 15.

    • Tim Liao

      If it isn't going to be MotoBlur then what is it going to be? I am 100% sure Droid X will have Moto Blur but in a different revised iteration; but still not as good as Sense

    • StuX

      The rest of world has had video calling for years… I have used it about two times in the last 3 years
      It is a novelty and will hardly ever be used.

    • TheBikePacker

      You are a bit off on the hardware durability of Motorola. Moto lost it's market share over the last 7 years because of the lack of innovation and hardware problems with their phones. I know, I am a long time cell phone user and was brand loyal until a switch to iPhone several years ago, because of shoddy short life Moto phones. I hope that Moto (a US based and the first cell phone) comes back, but I am not convinced yet: several times burned, extremely pessimistic!

    • Steve

      Just an FYI verizon techs told me 4g is coming which everyone knows and the droid and droid x will work on 4g. So for verizon to give this info out then it is true because if not then they would have some pretty big law suits. Someone stated on this site q1 2011 which is what the verizon tech told me also. Something is big in the works for verizon. OOOO and just a little something for everyone who thinks the camera on the front of the evo is so great…. hello! its a cell phone I much rather have the 3 mics for a clear crisp call since thats what we use phones for…

    • PandaCat

      Thanks for this response!!

      Really?!?! I don’t give a crap about a front facing camera…I don’t want to look at anyone whilst on the phone, nor do I want them looking at me. If I DID, it would be someone overseas – and that I never see…and I certainly wouldn’t be making international calls on my cell phone – and don’t want to bother with Skype on a cell phone.

      As far as price plans – you get what you pay for. I’m a loyal Verizon customer – have been since before they were Verizon…they were America One and Ameritech Cellular before then. Verizon customer service, coverage, and service is 2nd to none. Anyone I know that has switched away from Verizon has come back as soon as they could.

      I am currently waiting for my Droid X to be shipped to me…but everyone I know that has it, LOVES it. The voice texting is amazing.

      As far as memory and ROM, RAM and all that stuff…does it REALLY matter? I mean – it’s MAIN purpose should be the making and receiving of phone calls…what did you do 5 years ago before devices like these were around…??? None of that mattered…

  • LipGloss712

    When I first laid eyes on the evo, I fell in love. The droid x didn’t do anything for me looks wise. The evo is super sexy to me.

  • Tim Liao

    Easy decision EVO easily over Droid X. The biggest decision is based on HTC's track record versus Motorola's track record, especially HTC Sense vs. Moto Blur. HTC Sense is just much better than Moto Blur; that's why CNET always picks HTC Android Phones such as the EVO and the Incredible. Motorola hasn't come close with it's user interface. I also believe that the Snapdragon processor of the EVO is a faster GHZ processor than the TI OMap Processor the Droid X is using. I am a loyal Sprint customer but even if I was on Verizon, I would still choose a HTC phone like the Incredible over the Droid X.

    • Stux

      actually the cpu from the droid is far superior to the snapdragon. dont let the ghz race fool you, some cpu's can run at 600 mhz and can do far more work per cycle than a 1ghz cpu as is the case with the droids cpu compared to the snapdragon.

  • Tim Liao

    I left out a very important point when comparing HTC Sense vs Motorola MotoBlur. The HTC Sense is much better designed for the business user. For example, to have all your contacts integrated with all the communication methods in one place, like Sense has – makes it a very practical design for business users. MotoBlur does what the Microsoft Kin does and overly emphasize social networking, making it seem and feel like a Gen X phone. As a businessman I would rather have the HTC Sense.

  • ziddiri

    Both are similar hardwares. But HTC Sense makes sense 🙂

  • Jason

    The Evo might be a slightly better device, but the sprint "network" is a piece of shit if you don't live in a major metro.

  • Gavin

    Ill take great battery life, great service, thinner phone, Faster processor and the droid x can video chat, any android phone can ill wait and get a lte phone when the times right
    ill take the droid X

  • eka

    it's cool

  • TheBikePacker

    Back in the late 80's Harley Davidson introduced the "EVO" (Evolution) motor to be the Jap bike invasion killer. The company was coming out of bankruptcy and look at where they are today. If the name follows tradition, I choose the EVO, and will switch from an iPhone today (my HTC Evo is in and I can pick it up at 10:00 am), I was waiting for the iPhone 4 to come out, but have decided to go with a Droid, wish me luck. (BTW, I have read the specs and looked at the plans as well!)

    • TheBikePacker

      I know that HTC is a Taiwan company and Moto is US based, but they are all manufactured in Asia anyway!

  • TheBikePacker

    On my way to Best Buy to pick up my Droid Evo and trash my iPhone! anybody want it?

    • DumpsterDiver


  • sumg33k

    I'll take the Motorola i1 on Sprint over both these phones. But if I have to pick between these two, I'll take the EVO for the front facing camera and form factor.
    My dream phone is the i1 with Win Mobile 7 though 😉

  • chang3d

    Evo wins based on no encrypted bootloader.

  • CCC

    What about the king the Experia 10X?
    Why would I want an iphone 4 for a dated system, with no upgrading capability, and a front camera? Does a front cam make up for a sh*tty system?!

    I pay 5 to $10 (canadian) a month with my sony xperia. There is free city wide wifi here, I pay 2.50 for unlimited text messaging, 3 dollars for voicemail,call display is free, free to receive incoming calls and i pay usually about 5 bucks for the odd outgoing calls. Usually i text, Skype, and receive calls. I receive alot.

    I would rather have the sexy sony xperia on the android system then some dud with bad reviews, a camera on the front and no future. Especially a phone with dated philosophy like the iPhone. At least android we will be getting os revisions for free and can write our own programs..

  • Garett Reid

    Oh and I forgot the capability of Sprints 4G network. I don't have it in my area but it is just one more hardware advantage that the EVO does have over the Droid. There isn't anything the Droid is capable of that the EVO isn't… I take that back there is the multiple microphones… but I couldn't think of a reason why I would ever notice that.

    • Garett Reid

      OKAY – sorry I send too soon… a couple more points as I continue to think and read. I understand the complaint about the battery life but with the many functions of the new Android software I believe we will have that issue no matter what device we use. If I can help at all – I spent the $41 for an extended battery for my EVO not the huge one that comes with a larger back panel but a 1500mhz rather than the 1000 or 1250 that comes with the device and found that in addition to the free task killer app – I can use my EVO in full function all day long even after it sat idle through the night after I forgot to plug it in before bed and didn't need to charge it at all until the end of my day so I fully recommend those to options. The FROYO 2.2 argument is null since it is already rolling out for the EVO this week through sprint so VZN's Droid won't receive that until later this summer. The argument that Motorola builds better battery life into there phone is hard to accept as my best friend has had the original Droid since its release (again my recommendation to get an android) as I had the G1 from Tmobile and she has been plagued with battery problems. Won't fully charge, dies quick, charges slowly, no matter what clean up or task kill I do with her device.
      OKAY I think thats it.

      Wait – to answer the question about width… Yes the Evo is wider , we put them side by side when my boss received his Droid X because he attempted to brag that his phone was newer and better. The screens are technically the same size as they measure in a diagonal stretch. The EVO is a hair wider as the Droid X is a hair longer. So not really a valid argument – not even noticeable unless you really try to figure them next to each other.

      PS Im currently trying to do a comparison with the "EPIC" i think its called, for a friend that is holding out for that. Again – same tech specs as the DROID X without Sense UI and kickstand. So back to the EVO I say.

  • Jipples

    I am going with the EVO because of Sprint’s plan. I didn’t read every single post here and the ones I did read I don’t think I saw Sprint’s Mobile TV mentioned. I do not have cable so having Sprint’s Mobile TV service will be great. With the 69 dollar unlimited data plan it’s not a tough choice for me to choose the EVO (or what ever Sprint has at the time that is the best) when I get my new phone. We have been with T-Mobile for many years now and I am making the switch because if we are gonna pay 140 a month for service I wanna get the most bang for my buck, Sprint is just that. Have a great day. -Jipples

  • I just purchased the droid x today 8-21, I also have the evo 4g. Yes the software “sense” is slightly smoother and more refined, but nobody can deny the fact that the Verizon is backing up the droid x. I have dropped calls everyday on my evo, it gets very annoying. The camera are both very close also. The droid x fits better in the hand due to the slimmer profile and longer aspect ratio. You will be more then pleased with either phone, only phones that are maybe comparable is the epic 4g. Hope this helps anybody that is looking.

  • Steve Barton

    Already got the EVO on its 1st day out and with the latest OS it kicks serious tail. Seems the iToy hype has cooled down radically lately….hmm wonder why that is….*cough cough “Hold Differently” cough*…anyways. The ONLY real gripe I have is the lack of Swype for EVO. I’m sure its on its way but I want it now!!!

  • joseph c

    I think people that don’t know wtf they are talking about need to sit down and stfu. 4g? 4g? Lol how long after all carriers said they had 3g up was it 3g? Years people years. Sprint is so full of crap.just like there customer sprint sucks hands down compared to verizon wireless do you homework please before you open your mouths. As for as evo vs droid x go to the net type youtube and in the little box type evo vs. Droid x and see a live head to head. Droid x crushs the evo in gps and web and almost everything else. And for the people talking about front cam? Who cares i don’t not a big deal.and the kickstand condone people if i put a kickstand in your behing is that sexy i don’t think so its point less what are you going to do sit it on a table and get eye level with it? Might as well but it on a chord and hang from your neck. Get with the program id rather pay more for my plan and have service. And for that person say sprint roams off vzw towers your right they do everyone roams on vzw towers they would be in buisness fool. I had sprint for 6 years and will never go back ever even if there’s a fire lol. If you like your evo stick with your evo for me i got the droid x and love it and best of all its on the most reliable network you can take that to the bank vzw for ever.

    • Joesph is gay

      the droid x sucks more cock then you do joesph, and thats a lot of cock!

  • oudinmelanie09

    the video and audio formats compatible with Droid x:
    Resolution: 480 x 854 pixels
    Video: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DIVX, XVID
    Music: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WAV, MIDI

    If your video or TV shows are not Droid x playable video formats, you have to transcode them to the video formats listed above. When you google Droid x video converter, you will find Aunsoft Video Converter is the google recommended program. I have tested it, safe and good.

    hope it helps you.

  • Seth

    I get the point about 4G being speculative in many areas, but Verizon shouldn’t be selling the X on the 4G premise- which they very much are. On the other hand I just got off the phone with Motorola, and their techie told me that Moto is non-committal on the X’s 4G potential, ie it may be doable via a software update… or maybe not. So that’s a lot of help. (Not.) Anyway I do like the X, but I wish salespeople would know what they’re talking about… assuming they’re on the up & up.

  • Raj

    Just got the droid X after weeks of trying to decide between the evo 4G and the DX. Loving it so far. DX feels lighter than the Evo 4G. easier to hold in hand and carry around in pocket- this was an important point for me. Also, battery life is better on DX than Evo. I don’t care so much about minor differences in interface and softwares between the two. Yes, front facing camera on the DX would have been nice, but I wouldn’t pass on this incredibly well-designed phone just because of that. Skype on Verizon is great. I don’t know how much of a difference the fact that skype-to-skype voice calls are partly carried on Verizon’s voice network (they don’t reduce my minutes) makes but the audio quality has been great so far. Part of the reason I wasn’t sold on Evo’s 4G is because I am not sure the extra speed of 4G will really be of much use to me because 99% of my use is downloading podcasts, looking up stuff on the internet and google maps, for which 3G is plenty fast. My friends who have the Evo complain that while 4G can be great for downloading/streaming video contents, it drains battery faster than 3G does, which is another downside for me.

  • thanks for sharing