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  1. Tracy
    June 23, 19:02 Reply

    I want 'em both! but I should pick one, hard to say cuz #1 the EVO is on Sprint and #2 dX is on Verizon hmmmm it's a toss up for me, I think Sprint would be ok if the network truly better than the past and I like Verison beCuz of its network but the cost of Verizon….well hmmmm. So that's my trouble. I guess if I really had to pick it would be……..Galaxy S on T-mobile (ha)

  2. Manuel
    June 24, 16:57 Reply

    Unfortunately, the Droid suffers from typical American design sensibility. And before any yahoos jump on me, I was born, raised and live in the US. So, shut up.

    The Droid looks clunky and outdated while the Evo is modern, sleek and sexy. Come on Motorola, you can do better.

  3. Eddie
    July 04, 00:24 Reply


    They're both rectangle… black… 4.3 inch screen. what design difference?? Want a pretty iPhone to go along with your pony?

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