Froyo Build FRF83 Now Available for Nexus One Users


Another incremental Froyo build is being pushed out to Nexus One users.   This time it’s build number is FRF83.  If you are getting tired of FRF50, download the OTA right here and manually install it.  I should note that you must be running the FRF50 update.   The update will simply fail for users running FRF72 who try this.

Oh, and let us know if you find anything new!

Source: xda-developers


  1. Still waiting on a version of FroYo I can use on my AT&T Nexus One… I'm getting jealous of you guys with your FroYo goodness!

    • just google it and download it yourself then update the phone. there are many websites that will show you how to do it step by step if you dont know how to do it yourself

    • At least your running Froyo. I'm stuck with EPE54B 2.1update 1 build. Everyone running the T-Mobile version 2.1 has gotten 2 updates already and this third one. I'm done with being patient.

      If the source code is out, Froyo must be done. Just put all the versions for download on your site Google and be done with it.

  2. "You know, I know this steak doesn't exist." I know I would be happier not knowing and just receiving the OTA update… or having a certain date which is probably unrealistic. 🙂 Ahh the anticipation.

    • I tried it but it didn’t work with package from XDA developers and the link you put up is down…any way you can send me the package?

  3. I just updated from 72 to 83 and now the market is showing me apps that have been missing since I went to FRF50. The FRF83 update also seems to have fixed the sluggish performance issue I was having with my Nexus, so far so good. I noticed that the FRF72 to FRF83 build was pretty small (under 700k), so I am assuming it was only some code fixes, but I am not sure.

    • I just manually did the FRF 83 zip from FRF72 and I can still not view protected apps… I think something is not so official about this "final" update.

  4. Wondering if anyone that upgraded from 72 to 83 is experiencing trouble downloading apps from the market.

    I keep getting "Download Unsuccessful" when updating or downloading apps.

  5. i had to reinstall swype after going from 72 to 83 again, but no big deal…haven't noticed anything else new…anyone else figure out any new features? and the real question is will t-mob or att block or disable any features when they ota it? i'll keep my 83 if they try to block mifi!!

    • I had swype running just fine, then updated to 83 and it stopped. The keyboard works in tap-tap-tap mode; but not in slidy-swype.

      Is that what you saw? And all it took was a re-install?

  6. So much info about people wanting to get the update and no info on what the update even provides to see if it is worth the effort. Anyone have any info to share on experience, features or enhancements?

  7. I don't know if this is actually the final release since Google has not issued an official announcement. Makes me think it may not be the final release. We'll see.