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Idealyzer Pro

If you classify yourself as a junky who does the occasional hits of Woot! sellout or’s deal of the day, then Idealyzer and Idealyzer Pro are just what you are looking for. There they are – every daily deal website you never knew existed, crammed into one app for your dollar-bill-covered eyes to feast on. We’re talking  daily deals you never even dreamed of! The Federal government should send some of that stimulus money to that app developer. Talk about increased consumer spending! This smörgåsbord of consumer delight includes the Woot!s, DiamondShark, Newegg, Geeks, eBay, gearSlash, and Tooliday, just to name a few. The old days of typing in addresses and making book marks are gone thanks to Idealyzer’s centralization of all your deal-hunter needs.

There are some downsides to the application however.  For instance, some of pictures, understandably, take a while to load. I sat for a while trying to figure out what item the description could possibly be describing when a picture of a nail gun popped up. Surprised? You bet I was!

I would also love to see this app expand the website, which has become a Mecca of online deals where anyone can submit a great deal. Sellout became a cross between the Wallstreet trading floor and an outdoor market in Vietnam almost overnight. One last feature that could improve this app would be full integration with Google Checkout this way you could skip the step of loading up the individual website. This might require a lot of work between Google Checkout and each deal site, but they’ll probably all still be there in a year anyways. comes in normal and pro version. The pro runs a shallow $1.99 and offers the ability to turn a deal off if you do not want it to be displayed daily. You can also set notifications when new deals pop up. This feature will be a source of joy during the Woot! Off, I am sure.

Warning: shopaholics and anyone from the A&E show “Hoarders” need not download.

More like $$$$$$$!

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  1. DrSilverworm
    June 23, 21:33 Reply

    You mean Idealyzer comes in normal and pro versions…

    • DrSilverworm
      June 23, 21:34 Reply

      Great article though, I'm bookmarking this for when I get the Samsung Captivate

  2. Darren
    June 25, 16:52 Reply

    Hey, I'm the developer of iDealyzer. I'm glad you like the app. Excellent write up. Thanks again.

    • Darren
      June 25, 17:00 Reply

      oh, and good suggestions I'll give them some thought.

      • mutiara
        June 26, 15:46 Reply

        nice job Darren, ive tried the app and i have some suggestion.. I'm having some issue with image load.. Sometime the image just dont show up, it will be better if iDealyzer can compress the image and make it lighter.. Great job man, say hi to the other developer.. :)

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