Sony Ericsson Increasingly Frustrated at HTC, Desire

Sony Ericsson is hoping Android 2.1 helps push their Xperia X10 onto the same stage as HTC and their Desire handset.  The X10 may never arrive here in the United States but it appears to be doing well in other parts of the world.  Unfortunately for the handset maker, they feel it could be on par with HTC and their flagship Desire.  HTC is going full-on with a marketing campaign and providing an average of eight live demo units per retail store and adding more trainers to educate sales reps. Sony Ericsson, on the other hand, is busy prepping a software update for the X10.

According to a source close to the company, “Sony Ericsson has become increasingly frustrated at the job HTC is doing with the Desire, which is proving extremely popular.”  While this is understandable and unfortunate, I think the company should worry less about others.  Samsung and Motorola will be nipping at their heels before long.  Getting caught up with your competition doesn’t do anything to advance your efforts.

The Xperia X10 is slated for Android 2.1 later in the third quarter with improvements and enhancements to their Timescape and Mediascape apps included.  Sony Ericsson believes the phone will have a new lease on life and will look very attractive next to the Desire and others.  Do you agree?  Is an outdated Android 1.6 all that the phone needs to overcome?

  • I think they're trading in a ridiculously outdated Android 1.6 for an outdated Android 2.1! By Q3 this year they should be releasing Android 2.2! They need to focus on themselves and get up to date! There is no reason they should be frustrated because HTC is doing well!

  • Carol Anne

    Sounds to me like Sony-Ericsson is living up (er. um, down) to their reputation as aging geeks, resting on prior laurels achieved back when they cared, while HTC is doing what we call MARKETING. If you want good reviews, be geek; if you want many customers, be marketeer.

  • Marco

    Sony/Ericsson is like a slow elephant (like Sony)…they are 12 months behind in everything….they were dumm enough to refuse the offer from Google to build the N1. The X10 was a great device 6 months ago and if it would have been on 2.1. But what they do now is a joke…2.1 in 3rd quarter…they should fire the entire management.

  • Boo freaking Hoo. SE havent made a decent smart phone in years. Its their own fault. They cant compete, this isnt HTCs fault.
    So by Q3 the X10 will be on 2.1, while the Desire will be on 2.2 and probably be replaced anyway with something better that isnt crippled by a naff SE interface. SE thinks that the X10 will compete? Such delusion.

  • gad

    SE has been plagued for years with loss of sales largely due to their phone being too expensive.I don't blame people for buying HTC phones.They are cheaper and perform quite well.

  • 1.6 and no multitouch?

    They are making the same mistakes they made with the first Xperia. Too much delay from the announce and launching an outdated phine

  • Newspeak

    There phones cost a thousand dollars and never get updated and they ignore the us market for the most part
    They are also slow to release phones….they are really not even a player at this point

  • It's NTT Docomo's highest selling phone ever here in Japan. For good reason; the hardware is good, the design works and the apps are useful.

    Don't forget that most users don't care or even know which version of the OS they use. If they match user-visible features and let you run most apps then that's all that's needed. Which a 2.1 update will; Half of the phones out there still run 1.5/1.6 and 2.1 is going to be the baseline for development for another couple of years at least.

    "..and never get updated"

    Yes, I probably dreamed the update pushed out a few weeks ago.

  • meanmcclean

    SE = Fail. the X10 could have been great, almost a year ago when it was first announced, and since we are still talking about updating the same phone to what will be an outdated version of the OS shows right there the reason that HTC and other companies are out selling them. One smartphone on the market and you cant keep up?? "c'mon son, F'k outta here with that BS". Seriously though SE, seriously. smh

  • Ruben

    this is "news"?
    strictly hearsay…

    I "heard" from a close source that apple was losing their sh*t over palm / hp's webOS.
    where's the rigor?

  • chuffpdx

    As much as I would like to, I'll refrain from a "beat up on SE" message today.

    It's just too sunny out.

  • MAW

    Own a G1 and N1, just bought an X10 Mini for my girlfriend, first impression, is" not impressed". Searching the web on how to root it and make it the basic Android 2.1 or even better 2.2. I am way to accustomed to the freedom that Android has provided to be locked into how SE views the world. If I wanted to be locked down, I would have bought one of those "I thingys"

  • zeo

    It's NTT Docomo's top selling phone because it's the only smartphone Docomo sells. Well, the only real smartphone anyway. I think that demonstrates the demand for smartphones in Japan. Docomo's network is far and away the best in Japan. Couple those two things together and you have the only market where the X10 is successful. Now, if someone adds a TV tuner and the ability to support stuff like Suica, now you're talking a runaway hit in Japan.

    But what takes SE so long to deliver a product? Remember how long it took the Xperia 1 to come out after they demo'ed it? They demo the X10, then nearly a year later it finally comes out with 1.6. This is after the N1 with 2.1 and Droid with 2.0. They don't have a carrier partner either which would put the phones in stores for perspective customers to handle. No multi-touch support in the hardware, when Apple has already shown you that multi-touch isn't the future, it's the freakin' "now." Who makes these decisions? How inexperienced are your engineers? Google is an internet company and they designed a phone in-house. SE you're a freakin' phone company and you can't design and produce a smartphone? I don't mean to be harsh, but how is SE so far behind the curve? Is management really that bad? Forget about 2.1 and get 2.2 out the door ASAP. But it sounds like their development model sucks, which is probably why it takes so long to crank out a product.

    Eh…sorry for ranting. I had high hopes for the X10. SE surely needed it to be successful outside of Japan.

  • i heard the xperia is using android.. is it?

  • hmm.. i think so,,

  • I had a quick look at Timescape in a shop yesterday, it's hideous. It's like the phone isn't even running android.

    I think the main issues with the X10 are:
    1. A Crap SE UI
    2. No Multitouch
    3. Android 1.6
    4. A really Ugly phone

    I think I saw an X10 mini running a demo on loop, and screen quality was abysmal, although it's entirely possible that it was just a dummy phone with a cheap video screen in it.

  • eka

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