AndroidGuys Thursday Nights Podcast!

Do all Canadians have that funny thing sticking out of their heads?

Tune in at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern for the AndroidGuys Thursday Nights podcast hosted by Scotty Brown! Tonight we’ll be sponsored by AndroidSwag… and that means that we’ll be giving away AndroidGuys t-shirts live on the air. But, the only way to win them is to listen live!

Some of the items we’re covering tonight!

  • Google Voice is open to everyone in the US!
  • TMO Vibrant (Galaxy S)
  • Droid X released
  • HTC Seattle Aria Launch
  • Samsung Captivate
  • and so much more!!

Be sure to tune in live at 7PM Pacific time, 10 PM Eastern and listen!

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  1. yohan
    June 25, 06:27 Reply

    wow, android really improving man :)

  2. mutiara
    June 26, 15:28 Reply

    yeah, joining the podcast for sure..

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