Droid X System Dump Leaks

Some lucky new Motorola Droid X user has leaked the Droid X system dump. Because of this, users can now download wallpaper, ringtones, apps, etc from here. That’s right folks, you can now have it all!

Not only that, but the Android hackers are hard at work trying to port the boot-screen and multi-touch keyboard to other phones.  In fact, the Droid Incredible has already received the multi-touch keyboard (and it is good!).

Bring on the goodies hackers! Good job Android community!

Source: Android Central Forums

  • wow, android really a competitor for iphone 🙂

  • Dragonithe

    if they can add the multi-touch ability to the HTC keyboard, that would make it the best keyboard out there.

  • yeah I agree with dragonithe.. maybe i think that's the weakness of this gadget..

  • eric

    can anyone port the fmradio.apk to nexus one?

  • i heard there's a multitouch keyboard now.. but what about the hardware?

  • that is awesome!