January 25, 2015

Intel Wants 'Android x86’ for Netbooks and Tablets This Summer

Intel is hard at work, prepping an “Android x86″version of Android 2.2 designed for tablets and netbooks.  As we’ve mentioned here a couple of times, Android was initially designed for ARM processors.  Intel has been gradually getting more involved with the platform, most recently for the Google TV products due later this year.   At some point, Intel hopes to see smart phones running their Atom processors in addition to the Qualcomm chips that have become all the rage. 

“Our expectation is that (native x86 Android) will be based on the Froyo release and will be available this summer to developers” Renee James, Intel’ Senior VP, Software and Services.
Further, “all of the (x86) code will be fed back into the open branch that will be created for x86” and will be made available to Android developers.

If there’s one thing Android phones could is competition in the hardware space.  We all benefit when more companies become interested in Android and fight for market share.


  1. @jawheat411

    Cool so in the future I could feasibly install Android on my Notebook pc. Which is currently running Windows 7. Well as long as there is a dvd burning program I will be fine lol.

  2. Helmore

    The longer Intel waits with getting Android phones running on their hardware the harder it will get for Intel. I mean, all apps that are made with the NDK or have parts build with the NDK won't run on Intel's x86 chips unless the developer recompiles them with an NDK that works for x86. I could be wrong though, but that's how I understand the situation.

  3. Bernie


    Do we have any news on having Froyo running on x86?

    That would be really great for tablets and netbook