Official Froyo on G1 Could Happen

Tucked in the middle of yesterday’s news of Android 2.2 code being dropped into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was a glimmer of hope for G1 owners.  According to Android developer Jean-Baptiste Queru, Google has restructured the source tree to help device manufacturers to use Froyo.  Stripping away closed source stuff and optimizing the open source files, it’s now possible to build and boot a “fully open-source (Froyo) system image out of the box, for the emulator, as well as for Dream, Sapphire, and Passion. In other words, you can make Froyo work on a G1, myTouch 3G and Nexus One. Officially and without hacking

As good as this news sounds at first, one has to be realistic. Google does not have the final say in which phones see various versions of Android. It will be up to HTC and/or T-Mobile to decide if it’s worth their time and effort to upgrade the nearly two year old handset. Still, this is enough for hackers like Cyanogen to get busy on Froyo for the Dream/G1. If you really love your G1 and want to hold on to it for as long as possible, you might consider rooting your phone.

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  • Spencer

    Come on T-mobile!!!!!

  • chris

    I'm not getting my hopes up. we had plenty of rumors and speculation about 2.0 and 2.1. why should I put my faith in this one?

  • Julius

    I'll keep my G1 on 1.6 for testing (until 1.6 becomes a small % of the pie chart)

  • JoshL

    Yeah.. They haven't even updated us to 2.0/2.1… They have shown that they are not going to consider supporting the G1. Therefore, definitely not getting my hopes up for Froyo..

  • Uh you'd still have to "hack" (root) your phone in order to build it for any of them. The ADP phones come rooted out of the box so that's why you can do it for them and why he listed them, dunno why he included the Nexus One though.

  • George

    I had Cyanogen 4.2 on my G1 today (aka Android 1.6 donut). I gave up hope on the android platform, as well as Cyanogen, but then I found out about the new 5.0.8 that will let my G1 run android 2.2

    Let me say…. It's AMAZING! Feels almost new. No lag, and it looks so nice and I can actually CUSTOMIZE it — STILL without lag!

    Definitely upgrade when you can, especially when 2.2 releases either officially (probably not), or through CyanogenMod (definitely yes)

  • nice post, really cool android

  • Andy

    I'm hoping against all hope! The newer releases are said to be better for lower spec phones. However, I have read in a few places that it has come from quite high up that it won't happen – e.g

  • Android Fan

    Its understandable (from a business standpoint) that HTC did not give the G1 more RAM, so that peeps like me would have to eventually upgrade and purchase another HTC.

    Think about it… If the G1 had 2GB of RAM most of us would never upgrade our mobile and just hang in there till a carrier releases an Android Mobile with front-facing camera for WiFi Video Calling.

    Nokia released a front-facing camera on their mobile YEARS ago… Come on HTC!

  • Rick

    i would put cyanogen on my g1…but the process looks overwhelming. any suggestions?

    • Louie

      yeah…man up, and just do it. It looks harder then it is. The Tutorials are alot easier to understand when your actually doing it

  • i have some issue with my spica, it just wont work..

  • If you want froyo try this:
    everything works accept GPS 🙂

  • nice one.. cool..

  • great!!

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