Verizon Customers React to Droid X [VIDEO]

Check out the following video which shows how Verizon customers react to some of the new features of the Droid X.  The 3-minute clip also provides footage from yesterday’s announcement with appearances by all the key players. If you haven’t seen the phone on film yet, this provides a great look at the next super phone.

  • cool, android nice cell phone 🙂

  • Android Fan

    Great video, though they really didn't discuss actual specs of rom and processor. Wish the Droid X was available at Tmobile.

  • man, this one is rocks! nice video acceleration..

  • mike

    I've heard in the video FullHD as well as 720p video, witch one is it?

  • wow,, that’s great..

  • very nice video. thankf for sharing

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