December 22, 2014

US Cellular to Offer Four Android Phones in 2010

US Cellular plans to bring customers four Android handsets this year, starting next month with the Samsung Acclaim.  Kicking things off with the sliding QWERTY on July 9th, the carrier will be following closely with the HTC DesireIt’s not yet known which devices or manufacturers US Cellular has in mind for the other pair.  It’s possible they might be waiting for the fourth quarter to decide.  There are plenty of phones arriving between now and then.  If I were to venture a guess, I might look for a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S.  It seems every time you look, another one is announced.

  • yohan

    wow, android really cool :)

  • mutiara

    can only wish they did this in indonesia..

  • khay

    that is awesome!