Checking to See if EVO 4G is in Stock? There’s an App For That!

In case you were looking to order an EVO 4G today you might want to pump the brakes.  As has been the case for most of the week, the latest Sprint super phone is out of stock.  Since Sprint is not likely going to make any announcements when it comes back, we’re left to keep refreshing the website manually.  Thankfully, we have developers like Andrew who became frustrated enough to build a quick web app that polls the site for him. 

Called Sprint HTC EVO 4G Notifier, it checks the Sprint website every ten minutes for a status update.  Providing the carrier doesn’t do anything to the code of their site, this app will simply tell you if it’s sold out or not.  We tried a handful of time over the last half hour and came up with results like the following:

Status: Sold Out
Last updated on: 12:50 PM (EST) on June 25, 2010

If you’re looking to grab one of these beauties when they come back in stock, you are advised to point your browser to You can also follow them on twitter as they promise to shoot out an update the moment it comes in stock.  You know, there’s always eBay in the meanwhile, too.

Thanks Andrew!

  • wew, what a cool apps so it can give us alert..

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    Where is the App?

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