Project Emerald Prediction Update

About a month or so ago, I first mentioned here on AndroidGuys that we thought Project Emerald from T-Mobile was going to be the Samsung Galaxy S. We learned quickly that the two were not related however, almost all of the Galaxy S information we mentioned has come to fruition.  We’ll take that a partial win!

Today, however, I have a new prediction on what Project Emerald is going to be, something that I broke during the Thursday night podcast’s Summer ExtravaganzaDuring that cast, I said that I believed the rumored upcoming HTC Vision is indeed Project Emerald, a 4.3 inch EVO like device that is going to put T-Mobile back in the thick of things.

Well, last night, our own Scotty Brown dropped some more exclusive news that he got at the HTC Seattle event from one of the guys high up in T-Mo.  Scotty said this person informed him him that by the beginning of the holiday season, we are going to see a 4.3 inch, dual processor handset with a screen technology we have never seen before!  3D screen perhaps? It is said to be running “Android 3”, which Scotty conjectures to be Gingerbread.  Of course, the rest of the typical “bells and whistles” are coming along.  Front-facing camera?  8 megapixel camera?

So faithful readers, I am officially coming out and putting my rear end on the line here.  I believe that we will see that this handset as the HTC Vision and that it is this fabled Project Emerald for T-Mobile.  This will be a game changer as the first dual core handset out there.  You heard it here at AndroidGuys first, and from me, Ray.  Project Emerald is going to be the world’s first dual core phone, with some sort of screen technology that we have not seen before.    Who knows, but it is exciting to conjecture about that!

Credit for that info has to go to Scotty Brown and his contacts at the HTC Seattle event.  To hear everything he said, make sure to listen to this week’s AndroidGuys Thursday Night Podcast from the archive.  Oh, you can also catch me singing to Matty Ice (Matthew Patience) for his birthday.  Last night’s podcast was one of the best ever, so make sure to catch it!

  • ari-free

    Imagine a 3D screen (like on the new nintendo 3DS) with a bumptop-like UI

  • Elliott


  • droidelicious

    but when will they announce it

  • and as usual it probably won't have a qwerty keyboard and i'll still be waiting… sigh…

    • no it will def have a qwerty, just a soft qwerty. With a 4.3" screen and swype, is there a need for HW KB's anymore?

      • Madbury

        HW keyboard is essential for emulated games. That's a big deal for me.

      • a soft qwerty isn't really a qwerty. its a mush of screen space that covers up 3/4 of the screen and is impossible to type on without accidentally hitting the wrong keys… although swype is a much nicer option, but still nothing compares to a physical qwerty… plus "real" games are practically impossible to play on a touch only device (see: iphone)… of course i can play my doodle jump and sudoku without physical buttons, but where is the love for some platformers (and yes like madbury said, emulated games too)

        • TareX

          I also need the qwerty keyboard for games -esp emulators. With the kind of power, expect a plethora of PS2 and N64 emulation apps.

  • mikeeeee

    as long as it has UMA, i can take care of the rest.

    my cliqXT lying on it's side with swype is a lot better than punching out on a g-1 keyboard with my fat fingers.

    @jewish dave, what if gingerbread had HID, would you use it in conjunction with a bluetooth keyboard?

    the ANDROID onslaught has only begun, just give the developers who make apps and the hardware makers a little time.

    • well it's the same thing i always say about iphone (although of course being an android fanboy i'd rather stick with android) but YES i would go the bluetooth keyboard route, but only if it was a bluetooth keyboard fitted into a case that fit the phone in the other side of the case creating a sort of slide out or even clamshell style design. done and done, i wouldn't need a "physically attached" keyboard anymore.

  • GT!

    How about the Pixil Qi display for a phone?

  • Release

    Release in Summer 2011?

  • thescarletnecklace

    I had heard a rumor a few months ago that Project Emerald was expected to be the new Sidekick (produced by HTC with T-Mobile overseeing and giving input into it's design, much like they did with the myTouch Slide). Could this be it?

    • Sidekick was a code name, the sidekick brand is gone, it was used as misdirection I believe.

  • Danny

    Doing a Google Image search for "HTC Vision" pulls up a lot of pictures of a device that looks a lot like a Desire with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

  • TareX

    Pixel Qi or 3D is my guess……… I'd love, love, LOVE to see a 3D screen, but I think Pixel Qi already announced plans for its 4.3" screens to be in products by Q4 2010….

    But yeah, please be a continuous motion parallax or a parallax barrier 3D screen….. Watching 3D movies on that 4.3" screen will be spectacular…

  • nice info, thank you 🙂

  • Ride

    I think you are all wrong. The screen technology he speaks of will most likely be none other than Pixel Qi's transflective 3Qi display. This LCD variant technology operates in three modes: Backlight on as a regular high quality LCD, Backlight turned almost off as a lower colour saturation sunlight viewable LCD, and Backlight off as a high resolution grey-scale fully sunlight viewable LCD. The screen has normal LCD refresh rates in all modes. Check it out at:

    • TareX

      You're probably right. 3D parallax screens are still not ready for primetime (not before continuous motion parallax becomes significantly cheaper)…

      Pixel Qi already announced its plans to release 4" screen in devices by Q4 2010…. so yeah that's probably it, though 3D on a +4" screen would have been incredible…

  • boss5

    It could possibly be the 4.3 htc device with keyboard rumored a while back. Secret project that will work for me.

  • summer 2011,, yeah!! cant wait no more..

  • i’ll wait to see the releas,,

  • Tim

    Where is everyone getting summer 2011 from? In the podcast they said sometime before the holidays I believe. This definitely sounds like a worthy upgrade from the N1, and with T-mobile expanding their HSDPA+ network, it's looking pretty good to stay with Magenta 😀

  • eka

    it’s cool. nice post

  • sam

    Hopefully it’ll have a decent KB and TRACKBALL!

    Why do all these new android handsets (N1 excluded) not have trackballs?!??! Its so useful especially when you have to touch a tiny link like a page number.

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  • I loved the sony slide thing these days but dont really understand that why samsung is not evolving with its design.