Rebtel to Provide Free Android to Android International VoIP Calls


Rebtel, the world’s largest independent mobile VoIP company has promised to provide free Android to Android International calls this week. This is way of bringing about a new change in the competitive mobile VoIP market with Skype currently being the leader.

The application Rebtel 1.1 is now available in the Market. When an international call is made from an Android phone, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of the user’s carrier. Calls to Android phones are free (Local calling rates apply). Calls to other phones cost a fraction of the regular international calling rates and come with amazing clarity.

Unlike Skype, Rebtel doesn’t need Wi-Fi  to make calls. So you can use it anytime and anywhere. Rebtel is currently available in 50 countries across the world.

Via Emailed Press Release


  1. There's an issue with the app I hope the developers resolve. Within Canada, only domestic calls within my area code are free. But when I'm using the app, the app does not allow for me to make calls through it when I make calls anywhere in Canada.

    I would love to use Rebtel for free or for cheap for long distance calls within Canada. I hope Rebtel fixes their app soon.

    Is it the same for you guys in the states as well?

  2. it is not absolutely free, but it is really cheap. For some people who has a signed phone, I think it is absolutely free, because the local call fees are included.