Cyanogen Mod 6 Coming to Handful of Phones

According to a June 23rd Tweet by cyanogen, his infamous ROM v.6 is targeting the Nexus One (which seems to be his favorite since its release), the Verizon Droid, the HTC Dream, Magic, and Desire, as well as the HTC EVO4G by Sprint.  He later tweeted the Hero would get some love too.

Cyanogen’s ROMs have been known to incorporate the latest and greatest that is available from the AOSPs, and he does not release them until he is happy with them, so we can rest assured once it is released, we will have a quality ROM. On a later Tweet on the same day, he posts that “the collaboration is insane, or private dev[eloper] channel is buzzing, 3-4 people working together to code and a handful to test” This proves to all of us that once again, he is serious about his ROMs and this one will be a doozy.  To keep tabs on the progress, follow him on Twitter @Cyanogen.

UPDATE: We can see the ROM in action here at youtube.


  • hope that's true that they don't release it soon so the customer can get a high quality product..

    • Rene

      Darn, you have to go out and buy those mods now?

      • holysmokesbatty

        You don't have to buy anything outside of one of the devices he's supporting.

        But donations are nice. 😀

  • Chris Soyars posted a Vanilla 2.2 rom for the N1 last night on twitter. Not sure if it has to do with test-roms.

  • nice mods i guess.. pretty nice..

  • Anyone have a easy step by step video out there to flash and install a ROM on a MT3G?

    M. G.

  • TareX

    Cyanogenmods are insane. They should seriously hire the guy. Totally worth a donation, by the way.

  • wow, nice video man 🙂

  • nice post. thanks for info