Report: Samsung Hoping to Double Smartphone Market Share by the End of 2010

Samsung is hoping to up its global smartphone market share this year from 5% to 10%.  Lee Donjoo, senior vice president of the company’s mobile communications division, told Bloomberg this week that Samsung is banking on the success of its Galaxy S smartphone. His comments largely echo those made by other executives within the company.

As of late, Samsung has lost consumer trust.  There is a general feeling among smartphone consumers that Samsung does not produce good products, they do not support their smartphones (Behold II anyone?), and they do not care about user experience.  These feelings are also felt by many Android fans within the Android community.

In spite of all this, Samsung has a tough task ahead of them. This certainly won’t be easy, but if they are going to do it Android will be the key. I truly hope the Galaxy S succeeds.

So what do you think? Do you like Samsung smartphones? Can they double market share?

Source : AndroidSpin

  • Milan

    Samsung need to realise that product support is the key. Every user that experiences bad product support will be a few existing and potentially future customers lost (as there will be word of mouth and other influences in play). Samsung's lack of support for the Galaxy i7500 is a good example of bad product support. I accept the product wasn't popular but it's still a big kick in the teeth for all those who purchased it and were left high and dry. I really don't think those customers will be coming back to Samsung no matter how good subsequent phones are like.

    Ensuring products are updated for a decent period of time goes without saying. I'm hoping Samsung make a real stab a this with the Galaxy S. It should be easy for them as the number of sales will be a lot higher and thus quite beneficial. However, if Samsung mess this up then they will really put off a lot of people and can kiss their 10% market share goal good bye (they could probably kiss their existing 5% market share good bye too).

    Samsung also need to ensure they provide good quality customer service and technical support. These are two areas that are reknowned to be pretty dire. A lot of people may not realise this or may be willing to give it a shot anyway. As long as Samsung are able to address any sub-par issues in these areas before bad experience stories spread like wild fire.

    In summary, can Samsung gain 10% of the market share. Yes, as long as they realise the importance of keeping the customer happy and making big active steps in making that happen.

  • kobuu

    As I am currently typing this from my Samsung Moment, I fully support Samsung. I will also be grabbing the Galaxy S Pro just as soon as it hits the shelves. Samsung has given us some beautiful phones both in looks and “under the hood” and I must say that the Galaxy S Pro might just outdo the Evo. Don’t get me wrong, the Evo is impresive, but Samsung has a few tricks up its sleeve, me thinks.

  • TMOprophet

    Samsung = EPIC FAIL, the SGS will fail, lots of people arent touching this thing, thats why samsung is trying to get it on all carriers, cause its not good enough to make it through only one carrier. I laugh when it fails.

  • hope it will come true 🙂

  • ari-free

    Samsung is the first to realize that people want a 5 row keyboard AND modern specs.
    HTC: we're still waiting for the G1 replacement…

  • i like the design,,

  • steve

    i write this from my sgh i907
    samsung epix which ive had since jan 09
    i love it have had no problems andits 650 mhz is getting a little long in the tooth
    i cant wait to get the galaxy if att fubars it i will switch carriers
    i hope samsung supports it propperly(froyo)
    the epix has been the best phone ive ever had. no its not perfect. but its close enouph

  • Raj

    Samsung is developing it's own platform…. SCREW Samsung…

  • eka

    it’s coool…

  • sravya

    I use Samsung galaxy Y, which is 2.3 version of Android. I feel this software is actually working in the market and on top its Samsung who is the reason this software is famous which is a good one. Its pretty cool for me when I carry my phone and people look at my phone interestingly.