Blackberry-esque Motorola Charm Bound for T-Mobile

Another Motorola handset has been spotted in what is said to be T-Mobile training documents.  Staying true to Motorola’s track record, they’ve brought yet another form factor to the table.  Aside from Android 2.1 and enchanced MOTOBLUR, there’s nothing to share at this point.  Obviously, we’re looking at a 4-row QWERTY design but that’s all that’s known.  Given T-Mobile’s history and the general feel of the design, we’re thinking mid-range at best. 

It should be noted that one slide claims the Cliq and Cliq XT will receive “most enhancements” found on the Charm.  We assume this to be the newer MOTOBLUR with resizable widgets as well as general Android 2.1 goodies. Speaking of which, there’s only a few days left in the month.  Will Motorola roll out the promised 2.1 update in time?

Head to engadget if you’d like to see the other three images from the training materials.

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  1. velazcod
    June 27, 18:47 Reply

    Good: more android phones
    Bad: That is an ugly phone

  2. @wdfichtel
    June 28, 00:34 Reply

    Not sure of anything on the inside, but that exterior is Gorilla Glass. Looking forward to see how it plays in person, but until then I dub this one the Motorola MULE. Because when a Horse (Blackberry) and a Donkey (BACKFLIP) mate, this is what you get.

  3. mikeeeee
    June 28, 13:24 Reply

    now, if it only has UMA like every other t-mo blackberry.

    ANDROID/BLACKBERRY, think about it………….

  4. ugg
    June 29, 01:55 Reply

    wow……….love it

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