March 29, 2015

Droid Incredible Getting Phased Out Already? UPDATE

Around a week back, it was rumored that the Droid Eris and Droid Incredible were on the fast track for extinction.  While most were of the opinion that the Incredible was simply too new to get killed off, the Droid Eris made sense.  It’s nearly eight months old now and it simply doesn’t hang with Verizon’s other Android offerings.  The word was that the Incredible being discontinued was for a specific SKU (without 2GB microSD card).  Today we’ve received word from one of our Verizon guys on the inside who passes the following along:

“…they are allowing customers who pre-orded it (Droid Incredible) to cancel their order and get the Motorola Droid X instead.”

It would really be a shame to see such a great phone fall by the wayside so quickly.  There have been plenty of shortages and back-order problems plaguing the device since pretty much day one.  Maybe this makes more sense to the powers that be?  Droid Life also doesn’t buy the new SKU situation, adding that this already happened a while back.

Mercy killing for the once mighty Incredible?  If so, this would be the shortest life span we’ve seen for an Android device so far.

UPDATE: Adding to the confusion is the recent news that HTC has opted to use Sony screens for the Incredible while the Samsung works through the AMOLED shortages.  Maybe the cancellation/re-order policy is only in place until things get straightened out.

UPDATE 2: To clear up any confusion or accidental implications, Verizon has offered the following official stance.

“The Droid Incredible by HTC, as you know, definitely lives up to its name and is a fantastic device.  It has proven to be very, very popular with our customers. Should a customer who has ordered a Droid Incredible decide that the Droid X (or any other device) better meets his/her needs, he/she can take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee and choose the Droid X when it goes on sale July 15. Customers cannot pre-order the Droid X with us.”

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  1. kathi17

    Gosh, that incredible really is an incredible phone. It would really be a shame to never give it a chance. I would much much rather have HTC than Motorola.

    • JAG

      HTC is generic.

      DROID X is the most powerful smartphone now, more than Galaxy S (speakin about processor not GPU) XD

      Why not to chance the Inc order? The X is next

  2. INsano

    Seems that it's just a supply thing; all the major screen/component manufacturers seem overwhelmed with the production demands of the carriers. The incredibly(no pun intended) short smartphone cycle that demands MASSIVE manufacturing ramped up very quickly and then put to rest within 3-6 months is apparently too much for the fabs right now. They'll keep adding production capabilities and eventually the supply will be able to keep pace with the demand; if you think these weeks and months where you can't give the carriers money for a new phone because they're sold out are going unnoticed, think again.

  3. Craig

    So does this mean it'll never see Android 2.2 for the light of day? If so, then that really is bad on HTC's side.

    • Johnny Tran

      Once Verizon drops support for the phone… you can forget about 2.2

      It's the carrier that decides when to push out an update, not the manufacturer.

  4. bryan

    It would make sense for verizon to offer customers who are waiting on a backordered Droid Incredible to switch to the Droid X. The Incredible is on backorder and there is no way to know for how long. The shortage of amoled displays has led HTC to sate that they are going to start using lcd panels from sony instead of amoled panels from samsung in some handsets ( the Desire). Weather or not the Incredible is end of life it still makes sense to offer customers the option to swap to the Droid X.

    • bryan

      I forgot to add that this is the problem of relying on a competitor to also be a supplier. Samsung produces the AMOLED screens for HTC and most other handset manufacturers, and is also producing competing hadsets. Samsung is giving its own handsets first dibs on AMOLED displays. I wonder is this is going to hurt Samsung in the long run by lessening the demand for their AMOLED displays. I am not convinced that AMOLED is superior to LCD on mobile handsets, especially when considering that LCD displays are much more usable in sunlight than AMOLED.

  5. FALw/FMJ

    well, if it does go bye-bye, at least it MIGHT get a decent penny via eBay. Craig brings up a good point though. i'd be pretty bummed if it doesn't get updated to 2.2. i love mine.

  6. @stetsandPhoto

    Droid Incredible is going to be getting Sony's Super TFT LCD displays, so no, the Incredible is not going out of production, just the AMOLED version.

    • RLB

      Ding, ding, ding. Now that is the correct answer. They would never get rid of the Incredible so soon. And comparing it to the Droid X is apples to oranges. The Droid X is huge like a mini tablet. The Incredible is more of a real phone size that people can carry unobtrusively.

  7. adam

    so if i pre-ordered my droid incredable on the 11th of june and it says it wont ship till 7/12 does that mean i get it with this Sony screen?

  8. @alexmes

    Allowing customers to switch to the Droid X instead of waiting weeks for their phone to arrive != discontinuing support

  9. jakse nlanier

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  10. jukt

    This is a scary thought, being a student I don't have that much spare change lying about and so when I invest in a phone I want it to hang around for a while (preferably its entire lifespan)

  11. dscribe

    It is not being phased out people. Calm down. The rumor-mill is churning hard. I will people would not start rumors base on mere conjecture. sheesh.

  12. aug0211

    Here's my theory:

    The Incredible is WAY in demand, on back order (has been for a while). Switching to new screens = new SKU. Old SKU will be the AMOLED screens, which are done, new SKU will be for LCD screens. I think the incredible is hanging around, just with a different SKU (to reflect the change in screens).

    Why allow people waiting on the Incredible to change orders to the X? Because they want to show that it competes with the iPhone 4, and it's an opportunity to boos sales. Boost the X sales as much as possible, because it's Big Red's best competition to the iPhone right now, so take away from Incredible sales by swapping over to X. Doesn't hurt Big Red at all, helps the X be seen as an iPhone competitor, and also helps to ease the demand issue with the Incredible.

  13. @dbrentcollins

    I've been trying to cancel my Incredible order since I placed it 3 weeks ago. Finally, Verizon allowed me to cancel today by going to the store. There was no option to pre-order the X. Best Buy will let you pre-order, but that doesn't help those of us with an $100 account credit. The incredible was a great phone, but I think we are realizing these things have a few months at best before something else kills them…why WAIT for yesterday's technology. The only reason I see to wait for the incredible is if you are turned off by the size of the X. Technologically it's a far superior phone.

    Interestingly enough, the verizon sales rep gave me a bit of attitude today while canceling my order. His opinion was that people weren't going to like the X and it was a "brick"… referring to the size. He thought I was making a mistake by canceling the Incredible (I noticed he had the Inc on his hip.) Verizon, Moto, Adobe, and Google have made too much noise around the X for it to underperform. Verizon has obviously thrown it's marketing campaign to the X and choose it to compete with the Iphone 4. Anybody on Verizon ready for an upgrade that does some quick research would buy an X.

  14. @wh1sperer

    Can anyone direct me to where that screen shot was taken from, i would like to swap my order but I cant seem to find this page to get the proper link to cancel my incredible order and start an order for the x

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  16. Patrina

    I have the incredible & I love it. Got the update for it about a week ago. Have had no problems yet.

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  20. This is a false write up

    This is one of the best phones and the best selling phone that Verizon is offering.
    Shame on this story as it is false.. They are having a hard time keeping the incredible in
    the stores and it out sales any other phone they carry. This phone has been out as you can see for a couple months and its still the best phone on the market.. Get your facts straight before writing about something you do not know. Android guys my ass.. More like dumb ass guys that lie.


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