October 24, 2014

Beta Test This: RealPlayer Beta for Android

Real Networks, a company which was once one of the biggest online media brands out there, has released a mobile app for Android. Dubbed RealPlayer Beta for Android, the application is an all-in-one media player capable of handling Music, Videos and Photos. It supports MP3, H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG.  It is being geared as an overall media solution for Android smartphones.

Though its not the best media player around, RealPlayer is still very good.  The interface is extremely sharp and stylish.  Unfortunately, however, the menus and overall operation of the app is still sluggish, but we forgive this because the app is still in beta! It is still growing and developing.

Music can be viewed according to Artists, Albums, Genres, Most Played, Ratings and Recently Played and this can be switched easily with a slide bar at the bottom. The Home button helps you switch from Music to Video and so on.  The app is very easy to navigate and friendly.  I found it to be one of my most user friendly media apps available at the moment.

You can download RealPlayer from Market.  If I were you I’d definitely give it a look!