[UPDATED] Google Still Testing Froyo Builds; FRF83 Not Final Release

Photo: Niall Kennedy

Update: Looks like the build our source was testing is rolling out to at least a somewhat wider group: posts on XDA Developers and Twitter indicate that a quite a few Nexus One owners are receiving OTA updates to FRF85B.

Despite other sites’ declarations that the Froyo build that starting going out a a few Nexus One owners last week, FRF83, was the final release build, AndroidGuys can confirm that Froyo for the Nexus One is still in testing and not yet in wide release.

A couple clues did point to FRF83 being the final release version: protected apps were visible in the Market to FRF83 users, and it started going out the same day the Froyo code was dropped into the Android Open Source Project. But it didn’t quite add up to us: for one thing, why would Google not acknowledge the release with an announcement of some kind?

Today, a source inside Google let us know that Froyo builds for the Nexus One are still in testing, and that at least one build numbered higher than FRF83 has been OTA’d to a small testing group.

The pace of these releases–this one just a few days after the last–and the fact that most rough edges have been polished off, lead us to believe that the full release is imminent. My guess is that we’ll see the final release version this week.  And the source we spoke with is using a Nexus One on AT&T, so there is a possibility that FRF83 is the final build for T-Mobile-tuned Nexus Ones. (The Eclair builds for each version of the Nexus One did have different build numbers.) But take all that with a grain of salt– it’s just our speculation. We’ll hold off on confirming anything until we know for sure.

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  • Marco

    Wouldn't mind if FRF83 is not the final release. There is still some annoying bugs. The most obvious one is the home launcher that reacts from time to time slow as molasses or you need even a second attempt to swipe between homescreens.

    • Hasan

      I certainly have noticed that too!
      I'm on FRF72 though.

      • Ken Pennett

        I have that on FRF72 also.
        I thought it was the SetCPU app, I noticed it was on demand most times when that occured but it could have been Coincidence? I also haven't noticed it lately since I did a second FRF72 install & a wipe after. 🙂
        Other than that I can't see any issues with it, probably wont even go to another Update, unless I hear a reason.
        I'm happy as could be with this nexus one & I Never had a phone I didn't have an issue or three with, in over ten years

  • phuzzykiller

    I've noticed a few hiccups on FRF83 also…. had a few apps freeze and the odd slowness on home screen. I just installed FRF83 though, so maybe some of them will go away in time…. I'll definitely be waiting for a final version for sure!

  • What about the Vodafone version in UK? I'd hoped when I bought it that they'd all be getting it at the same time, but so far there have been no froyo builds for the VF model :'(

  • Speculation and more speculation. Google screwed it up big time with Froyo announcement at the I/O meet. They should learn from Apple to keep things under wraps till they are positive about their software quality…

    • Alan Gerow

      And Apple should probably not release their phones until they are positive about their hardware quality.

      • Gary

        And Apple should take more care over their software updates for older devices too. iOS4 is dire on a 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

        But that’s enough on that…

  • B

    2 annoying issues: I don’t recall this happening before build FRF72, but the Wifi will randomly disconnect or detect no connection even when it is on. Homescreen will usually take two swipes before it reacts, after coming out of sleep or after closing an app. This isn’t a problem for LauncherPro, but the issue it still out there. Can anyone else comment on these?

    • DarthDroid

      I had the problem when I was with FRF72 and now I'm with FRF83 and still have the 2 swipes issue

  • jerry

    "Your system is currently up to date. Loser."


  • DarthDroid

    I'm on FRF83. I was driving my car today and noticed that my N1 would friezed up every time I would try to charge it with my car charger, never happened before and also the home screen issue with the second swipe to be able to navigate through the different screens.

  • Ryjabo

    I'm more anxious for some Devs to update their Apps for FroYo (and make good mods *cough*CYANOGEN*cough*) than I am for Google to finish. The source is out, so we should be rocking soon.

  • nice post, tahnk for sharing 🙂

  • Garrett 77

    I have noticed that when the N1 now fails to find the car dock via bluetooth. The dock still charges and still switched the phone to car mode, just no bluetoooth connection is avail.

  • nice post, thanks for share 🙂

  • Seth

    NPR app could not stream with manually installed pre-FRF83 on T-Mo N1. Now, w/ 2.2 & FRF83, can stream from the app but a window appears, while streaming, asking to force-close the app. The manner of Google's release of Froyo, to my mind, has been 3 steps back, followed by 3.2 steps forward, and does not build satisfaction or loyalty. Builds frustration. Over time, we'll enjoy the incremental improvements and forget this rough roll-out?

    • B


  • lolobabes

    it turns out when they said a few weeks they meant a few months? lolz…. am so disappointed, am using FRF50

  • the froyo seems delicious,, hehe

  • This whole thing makes no sense. All these other websites are claiming this is the release version and you guys saying its not, however it may be for the Nexus One but not for the AT&T Nexus One. Why would it matter if its for the AT&T version or T-Mobile version? And why no official announcement from Google? Don't understand what to believe.

  • Justin

    I have FRF83 installed on an unlocked T-Mo N1 and I like it a lot. Overall, it's pretty stable. Yes there are a few bugs, but the Eclair build also had a few bugs. I also experienced the "two swipe screen bug", but it's totally worth it to have Flash 10.1 on my phone. I also found my data line didn't work very well this weekend, and I had to connect to WiFi a lot, but that may very well be T-Mo and not Froyo. It's working again fine.

  • Chahk

    Forget FRF. Bring on CM6! 🙂

    • Kind of surprised Google may well get froyo fully ota'd before CM6 is out…

  • G R

    I received FRF85B on my N1 via OTA about 2hrs ago.

  • lolobabes

    stock N1 manually updated to FRF50 when it came out but didnt update on FRF72 – when I woke up just an hour ago I got the OTA update for FRF85B (1.9MB), am in the Philippines… ty Google

  • eka

    thanks for sharing..

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