Here We Go Again! Another Nexus One Froyo Build is Now Available

Another Froyo update is now being pushed out to some Nexus One smartphones. Apparently, this time it is Froyo build FRF85B and it is now available via download from Google’s servers(you can only upgrade if you are currently on the FRF83 Froyo build).  Click here to download for a manual install. I will be installing this as soon as I can and will update this post when I do. Happy manually installing Nexus One owners!

Oh, and let us know if you notice any changes!

Source: XDA-Developers and Twitter

  • pax

    I am on build 72 and it fails.

    • TankMorph

      It is an update from FRF83.

      • pax

        Thanks guys…updated manually to 83, then 85b…all went well.

    • DarthDroid

      U have to update first to frf83

  • Jamie

    Same here. On FRF72 and it fails to update with some assertion_failed error.

  • Jamie

    Oh, and now it's saying I have a damaged SD card. Spose I'll have to format it and load my music/pictures back on. Thank god for Doubletwist.

  • yeah if yiu idiots read the number it says from frf83 sot frf72! so upgrade to frf82 then upgrade to frf85b

  • Cam

    Just flashed the new build…its running super smooth, i had no problems with the previous FRF83 so we'll see with this build…thanks

  • Chris

    I just got it ota for my eclair n1 for att.

  • EdW

    Got mine OTA for Tmo N1.

  • Got mine. Google must be getting very close to the final release. Builds are becoming more and more frequent. Haven't noticed anything different with this build.

  • Joe

    I'm on a stock AT&T Nexus One, never updated, and it's downloading on mine right now. 44.3MB. Android Update 2.2. Wouldn't you know my battery is to low, so it wants to wait to update until there is more charge. CHARGING!

  • lolobabes

    stock N1 manually updated to FRF50 when it came out but didnt update on FRF72 – when I woke up just an hour ago I got the OTA update for FRF85B (1.9MB), am in the Philippines… ty Google

  • Rysh
  • applying the update now manually, hopefully it resolves the issue I had with WiFi not working with FR83, it wouldn't ennable and just showed an error under settings

  • srombauts

    Does anyone tryed an update from a stock european Nexus One (like french SFR's ERF21B) ?

    There's an update supposedly for any build :

    • srombauts

      The update « for ervery build » does not work on N1 SFR (EPF21B) with following logs :
      – Install from sdcard…
      Finding update package…
      Opening update package…
      Verifying update package…
      E:failed to verify whole-file signature
      E:signature verification failed
      Installation aborted

    • I got impatient waiting for the notification, so I did a manual update with this. Worked on my completely stock 2.1u1 Rogers/AT&T N1.

  • sveres

    Updated my N1 to FRF85B straight from EPE54B (2.1). Works great.

  • eric

    After I manually updated from FRF83, I find there is more spare RAM in my phone, which jumps from about 200MB to about 240MB

  • thanks a lot!