Android Does Get You out of Tickets!

This is a guest post from Aaron Kasten of AndroidSwag, your source for tons of Android collectibles and clothes. You can find AndroidGuys t-shirts and decals, among other great and unique Android items.

If you didn’t already know about Trapster and the Speed Trap feature of Waze they are a great way to prevent being caught speeding.  Users submit a location of a known speed trap the next time you are approaching one of the user submitted traps you receive a notification.  They work great for prevention.  But what about when you’re already pulled over by Johnny Law?asd

Today on my way to get my car inspected (it was over due),  a policeman drives by and decides he should pull me over as I was pulling into the shop.  Fortunately it was pretty obvious I was there to get my inspection so that part of the ticket was easy enough avoid.  However, I had mistakenly left my freshly printed insurance card sitting on the printer at home.  OH NO!! Not only would I need it to get out of an insurance ticket but I would also need it to get the inspection!

Using my Android super phone (Nexus One) I quickly navigated to my insurance providers site. I logged in, browsed through a few pages, found the link to print my cards and BAM!  It opens as a PDF!  I was pretty nervous whether or not the officer would even accept it.  At first he said no, stating it was too easy to forge.  (Like the stupid piece of paper I printed back home isn’t?) Sensing I was about to get a ticket I showed him that I was indeed browsing my providers site. I showed him the link to download the cards and finally the PDF of the card itself.  At this point he was pretty impressed and decided not to right me the ticket, he did tell me I should still carry my insurance in printed form.

The best part of all this for me was when I realized the site had several flash elements that would have prohibited me from showing him the insurance cards on say… an iPhone<.

Has your phone gotten you out of a  bind?  Leave a comment below!

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  • Nick

    I’m guessing that the guest blogger is from Pennsylvania. They are the only troopers with enough gall to give you a ticket AS you pull into the mechanic’s shop…

    • Scott

      how did your phone pull up flash from the site if android doesn't support flash yet?

      • Tom

        Most people with a Nexus One have 2.2 already which does support flash. I know I'm one of them. =)

      • Also, I've had 2.2 with Flash support on my rooted Droid for several weeks now.

      • Billl

        Skyfire browser allows certain aspects of Flash to work even if you don't have Flash or 2.2

  • Nick

    not to *write me the ticket

  • Jon W

    I've been using Trapster for years on all different platforms – awesome stuff! Now, since on Android they are using Google for their map sources, they should make a Google Maps/Google Navigation Trapster Plug-In – would be AWESOME to have the Trapster info show up in Google Navigation!

  • awwyeah

    If I was a cop, I'd pull you over and *right* you a ticket for failure to spell and use good grammar. That part of the ticket would not be easy enough avoid, let me tell you!

  • adam

    i got stopped a few weeks ago for "speeding". Cop asks me "do you know how fast you were going"? I pulled out my phone that was running My Tracks, and said "well, my avg speed since i left my house is 49mph, my top speed has been 64 mph, and just now I was doing about 59 sir"… He said, "have a nice day" and walked away……. Droid Does

  • Dingsda

    The spelling police are less impressed:
    "Write" not "right"

    >> At this point he was pretty impressed and decided not to **right** me the ticket

    • Tom

      Good thing you pointed out the mistake again. He may not have understood the previous two replies pointing out the error…. jackasses.

  • I got pulled over because my registration was out of date, the cop let me off with a warning, but I did immediately sign in to the MVD website and register online with my Nexus One.

  • Trevor

    android 2.1 had flash as long as you were using an htc phone

    • Calvin

      Yea. Perfectly fine too. 🙂

  • Anything to help avoid tickets is great!
    Thanks for this info.

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