Froyo is Official for the Nexus One

After about a month of leaked pre-release builds, OTAs to small test groups, and lots and lots of speculation, Google confirmed today that Froyo is rolling out to all Nexus Ones. The FRF85B build we saw yesterday is the final release build.

“Starting today, Nexus One users will begin to receive the Android 2.2 (codenamed Froyo) over-the-air software update on their phones. … This update will be rolled out gradually to phones – and most users will receive the notification by the end of the week.”

Let us know in the comments as you receive it. Seems like a nice summer day to enjoy some delicious froyo!

  • Josh

    Any idea if this will include the AT&T model? I've got my fingers crossed…

    • It definitely does include the AT&T model. I know folks who've received it on AT&T-banded Nexus Ones.

    • Nick

      YEP I got mine yesterday evening

  • What about the Vodafone one? I still haven't got it, and it won't let me install the manual one either 🙁

    • I'm on EPF21B (Euro) and still no OTA… 🙁

  • Will

    I’m on a T-Mobile nexus one on build frf72…
    Should I look into downgrading because I read that frf85 doesn’t add on top of frf72 properly…
    will this change because its an OTA not a forced update???

    • I upgraded from frf72 to frf83 with no problem. And then to frf85b. Try that route.

  • Daniel

    Will rooted users get this too? I am rooted and is running Android 2.2 FroYo FRF50. I installed it by a tutorial I found by using

  • Paul

    I think you meant to say, Google confirmed yesterday, we are just much later than all the other Android sites..

    • A S

      Can't believe people are downmodding you for telling the absolute truth. Ridiculous!

    • Not totally sure, but rooting almost always blocks the phone from receiving regular OTA updates, since they would remove root and perhaps otherwise wreak havoc.

  • DThor

    I'm in Canada on Rogers/N1 and tried the 'force update' option from the phone keypad and it didn't take. Luckily, the patch to upgrade from the AT&T phones was posted at google so I downloaded and got Froyo goodness the manual way! It's noticably faster, quite zippy, although I find embedded flash sites tend to slow response back down to where it was prior to release. Of course, the beauty of that is I can use flash *when I want to*, Jobs you idiot!

  • lolobabes

    stock N1 manually updated to FRF50 when it came out but didnt update to FRF72 – when I woke up this morning I got the OTA update for FRF85B (1.9MB), am in the Philippines… ty Google

  • Frankie

    What's the icon in the top left corner of the screenshot? I don't recognize it…

    • Emcee

      Looks like a voicemail

  • Naga

    Hey i am in India and i use nexus one…will i get the OTA?

  • Martin

    I'm in Argentina… Movistar… will I get it?

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  • thanks a lot! nice post